OCRBot Accessibility Assistance Tool

OCRBot Description:

The overall objective of the California Department of Technology (CDT) is to provide California state departments with an Optical Character Recognition tool (OCRBot) to improve their compliance with the AB 434 requirements for documents posted on their respective Internet websites.

More Information

The Bot is being developed in iterations.

·         The first iteration of the Bot merges OCR functionality into scanned document images.

·         Subsequent iterations will provide the additional ability to process documents based on usability and feedback from state entities.

·         The OCR functionality makes the text interactive, searchable, accessible, and readable to assistive technologies such as screen readers.

·         Minimum technical requirements for the tool; Windows 10, Internet connection and the ability to download and install software locally.

·         To take it a step further, using the Adobe Acrobat Pro DC version 2019.021.20058 or greater with EverMap Autobatch Plug-in will provide initial Accessibility tagging to the output document.   CDT will supply the EverMap Autobatch Plug-in serial number, (complete the form below).

Resource Links:

  1. OCRBot User’s Guide link for user instructions
  2. California Department of Technology’s OCRBot Overview video link for an overview
  3. OCRBot link to install the tool
  4. Adobe Acrobat Evermap AutoBatch link to install the plug-in

Request for EverMap Serial #

If you’ve installed the OCRBot and would also like to install the EverMap AutoTag Plug-in, enter all required information below and submit your request.  The EverMap Serial Number will be provided via email within 24 hours.

Contact Us

Contact the OCRBot Customer Support Team

If you have questions, comments or feedback regarding the OCRBot tool and/or supporting information, please email the CIO OCRBot Customer Support team.