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April 20, 2023 DWSN Forum

Event questions and answers

If you provided us with a UA property to use, then is it the optimized paid one?

DWSN Member: We have them running side-by-side at FTB. We noticed the real-time data was far more accurate on GA4 during Tax Day this week. 

DWSN coordinator/presenter: If CDT manages your Google Analytics, yes, it is the paid 360 version.

Anyone know how to move/export custom views from the Standard (free version) to GA4? or know where to get information on this?

DWSN Member: If you’re an admin for your account (e.g., not a sublet from CDT), you can use the migration guide that Google has provided. It’s linked from the “This service is going away” banner when you first open GA. 

Does the broadband initiative happen to dovetail with a smart device/computer distribution initiative?

DWSN Member: Not specifically. But some kind of perfect fit for the state digital equity data system mapping. Talking about what organizations are sharing the initiatives. Departing of aging shared similar program sharing smart devices. 

Are there any plans to produce a pattern for About Us pages?

DWSN Member: Our accessibility team have raised several concerns about how we currently display our Board and Executive Team…but the template doesn’t have anything that quite fits our need…  

DWSN Coordinator/presenter: It is just the starting point. CDT wants to create a whole library that is useful (for web site project or new initiative to grab different legal sets).
We were exploring the executive profile component and would request an executive profile pattern. I know most organizations usually have a dedicated page.

Have these been tested on mobile and devices with less resolution? This screen looks way higher res than the device I have.

DWSN Coordinator/presenter: Larger Font, increased usability and accessibility. We want people to present forms in sequential order. We will be looking to add more web standards/guidance. We are thinking about Form initiatives. We would like to collaborate with you on how you are doing that and opportunities on Forms and Data Collection. 

What does “sequential” mean? 

DWSN Coordinator/presenter: 

Presenting chunks of content to the end user. TurboTax does sequential form design nicely. 

    • Like a form wizard kind of. 

Does it have comment instructions like in the old State Template 5 or is it just code?

DWSN Coordinator/presenter: Yes, we are adding more of that in with every release.

What’s the best way to contact your team if we have further questions or want to establish a partnership with your team?

DWSN Coordinator/presenter: You can contact us at

Is CDT testing template accessibility using a mobile device?

DWSN Coordinator/presenter: We aren’t there yet testing with mobile device. We are trying to integrate. 

Is this certification template available somewhere?  

DWSN Coordinator/presenter: Once we get the updates, we will communicate with you.

What are you using to test the cert?

DWSN Coordinator/presenter: FTB is using HTML version. It doesn’t have to be a pdf. 

Are we required to use the new ADA certification language or is it recommended?

DWSN Coordinator/presenter: You are not required to use CDT information. We are posting the one that CDT is using. But, it is recommended. 

We went from v5.5 to 6 and not the Design System. Any reason?

DWSN Coordinator/presenter: There are different reasons for that. The Design System is in the early alpha stages. Moving to a Design System is a comprehensive approach. V6 of state template is an attempt to fill the gap between when the Design System is fully ready. It will take several years for the departments to adopt a new framework or update the current site.

I would like to see a site where we could share our digital strategies or working documents? 

DWSN Coordinator/presenter: Hoping to create a dedicated Teams space to have async conversations, create different channels and topics.

How do you organize discussions topics in a Team’s channel? And what software do you use?

DWSN Coordinator/presenter: For accessibility, we do it by topic. We use Teams, we have a bunch of different channels.

What does the new Design System use instead of bootstrap and jQuery?

DWSN Coordinator/presenter: Design System uses web components and vanilla JavaScript instead of jQuery.

Tableau and Esri have accessibility, privacy, and performance issues. I wonder if anyone is doing anything with D3 or any other lighter weight tools.

DWSN Member: Tableau Server and Desktop can become accessible by customizing the color palette and they have the tab feature for screen readers.

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Would a DWSN Teams “Team” be helpful?

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Rank these topics for open discussion (1 Highest to 8 Lowest)

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1st Choice: Accessibility46.7%

2nd Choice: Analytics and Insights16%

3rd Choice: User Experience Design9.3%

4th Choice: Content Strategy8%

5th Choice: Agile (Iterative Practices)8%

6th Choice: Change Management and Governance8%

7th Choice: Digital Innovation (Emerging Technologies) 2.7%

8th Choice: Cybersecurity and Privacy1.3%