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July 21, 2022 DWSN Forum
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Here are collected and shared QAs from the DWSN forum meeting chat.

How can we do A/B testing with our CA WebService WordPress sites?

DWSN member:

Generally, we’d want something to ‘automagically’ route 50% of users to one version, and the rest to the other. There’s no such feature currently within CAWeb, so you’d have to:

    • post one version for a set period of time, 
    • then switch to the other for the same duration, and 
    • compare the analytics thereafter. 

As Ben mentioned in his presentation, you want to avoid ‘vanity metrics’. Only looking at ‘what happens’, like # of visits can fall into that category—it’s our preference and recommendation to also conduct usability testing of each version (with the same amount of testers). You’ll want to go with the option that has: 

    1. faster task completion rate
    2. higher confidence level (how confident were your users that they completed their task correctly) 
    3. higher task completion (whether they actually completed it correctly) 

Hope that helps and happy A/B testing!

Will we (the attendees) be able to get a copy of the presentations ?

DWSN Coordinator/presenter: Yes – published to DWSN website usually a few days after each forum.

Does anyone know if there is a web page that lists all the available icons for use?

DWSN Coordinator/presenter: State of California – Web Template Beta: Icon Font Library

DWSN member: Late to the back scroll but we also have the icon library on the Design System website State of California – Design System: Beta: Icons

Details about using icons, including how to use them and the steps to install them.

Do you know if there is an option to manually import old data into the GA4 account?

DWSN member: Sorry, it is not possible to import analytics data from one account to another. The new GA4 will be a fresh start for all accounts.


I am managing my own site and GA. What if I want CDT to create and manage the new Google Analytics 4?

DWSN member: Sure, just submit a support ticket to us and we can create your new account. Here is the link to submit that request David mentioned: ServiceNow


Before he became famous, where did Albert Einstein work?

DWSN Coordinator/presenter: The Swiss Patent Office. Key thought: he had spare capacity to think of innovative ideas. Can you start with automation of manual time-consuming tasks to free up capacity to think of the big ideas?


What Percentage Improvement of something do you think a 'Marginal Gain' represents?

DWSN Coordinator/presenter: 1%. Key Thought: Tied closely with the above, a 1% improvement in several different areas add up to a large improvement across the board and frees up capacity to think about the big ideas.

'Innovation' means the same thing now as it did 20 years ago

DWSN Coordinator/presenter: Somewhat subjective, but consider the technological changes (i.e. Cloud). Key thought: Innovation now is less about building things from scratch, and more about combining things in new and valuable ways.

Which one(s) of these have you heard of?

DWSN Coordinator/presenter:

    • The Pareto Principle
    • The Cobra Effect
    • MVP
    • Validated Learning
    • A/B Testing
    • “DRY” (Don’t Repeat Yourself)

Key thought: these are all possible tools to help you along your innovation journey; learn more from the links in the presentation and your own research.