What is the process for Requesting Inspection or Copies of Public Records?

Requests should be sufficiently specific and focused to enable identification, location, and retrieval of the public records sought. If a request is not specific and focused, Department of Technology staff will assist the requester to identify public records that may be responsive to the request or to the purpose of the request, or provide suggestions for overcoming any practical barriers to disclosure of the public records sought. The Department of Technology does not supplement responses to previous requests when new records are created or received. A separate request must be submitted each time records are sought.

To ensure accuracy in responding to a request for public records, the Department of Technology encourages all requests to be submitted in writing, including by facsimile or electronic mail. Requests may also be made verbally, by telephone, or in person. Please direct written requests to:

California Department of Technology, Legal Services Division
P.O. Box 1810
Rancho Cordova, CA 95741-1810

You can also contact Legal Services directly to submit a request by phone at (916) 324-1738 or (916) 403-9622.

A request can also be submitted by completing a Contact Form.