What are the consequences for an agency or individuals/employees that fail to comply with provisions of the California Information Practices Act of 1977?

Depending upon the circumstances, the following consequences can occur:

  1. Adverse action (individual/employee), including termination, pursuant to Government Code 19572.

  2. Lawsuits (civil action) against the agency or an individual/employee pursuant to Civil Code Sections 1789.45 through 1798.53.

  3. Penalties (disciplinary action, including termination; monetary; misdemeanor charges; imprisonment) assessed against individuals pursuant to Civil Code Sections 1798.55 through 1798.57.

  4. Other legal actions (criminal charges) may be brought against employees/individuals under other applicable sections of law where the employee/individual has knowingly and willfully obtained, sold, or used another individual’s personal information.

  5. Contractor may be held in breach of contract, forfeits future contract awards, etc. pursuant to terms of contract and state contracting requirements.