Am I required to use the Department of Technology’s Market Research Guidelines to complete Stage 2 Alternatives Analysis?

The Department of Technology developed Market Research Guidelines as a tool for Agencies/state entities to help conduct the vetting of industry input and allow for research on both business and technical requirements. They will assist in identifying research methodologies and serve as a basis to create more robust Market research results and collect more reliable data. Adherence to the Department of Technology’s Market Research Guidelines is not required to complete your Stage 2 Alternative Analysis; however, the Department of Technology does require market research to be conducted by Agencies/state entities to determine the suitability of the marketplace for satisfying a business need or technical need and/or requirements, as well as ensuring the alignment of the recommended solution with current and feasible industry offerings. The results of an Agency/state entity’s market research is required to be submitted for Department of Technology assessment and review before an Agency/state entity may move on to Stage 3 Solution Development.