How can I provide schedule information before the vendor is onboard (as requested in Section 4.12.3 High Level Master Schedule and Key Milestones)?

The level of schedule detail requested in Stage 4 Project Readiness and Approval Section 4.12.3 High level Master Schedule and Key Milestones is consistent with the level of detail that the vendor/contractor normally includes in their bid responses. This section is intended to integrate the proposed vendor/contractor schedule, deliverables and milestones (as included in the bid response) with the tasks and resources identified by the Agency/state entity in previous stages. CDT understands that the detailed integrated master schedule will be developed when the vendor/contractor is brought onboard. After the PAL process has concluded, the Agency/state entity and it’s vendor/contractor partner will work collaboratively to establish a detailed integrated master schedule and continuously evaluate the schedule to make adjustments as needed through progressive elaboration (e.g., rolling wave).