When I use the Microsoft InfoPath® form to complete the Stage 1 Business Analysis and Stage 2 Alternatives Analysis, what version of Microsoft Office do I need?

InfoPath® is included as a standard component in the most frequently installed versions of the Microsoft Office® suite, as noted below. Although it is commonly installed on workstations, sometimes InfoPath® is not enabled. If InfoPath® is not visible; you may need to contact your desktop support. They can best inform you on how InfoPath® fits into your organizations’ desktop standards and the steps to enable it. For reference, following are the Microsoft versions:

  • InfoPath® 2003 – Office® 2003 Professional; Professional Enterprise
  • InfoPath® 2007 – Office® 2007 Ultimate; Professional Plus; Enterprise
  • InfoPath® 2010 – Office® 2010 Professional Plus; Office 365
  • InfoPath® 2013 – Office® 2013 Professional Plus; Office 365