How do I order telecommunications products and services from the CALNET Master Contract?

State agencies are automatically eligible to use the CALNET Master Contract and can order products and services by contacting their AT&T or Verizon Business representative for assistance. When the agency knows what services they want to order, they complete a Standard Form 20 (pdf) and submit it to their AT&T or Verizon Business representative as appropriate. Purchase order form STD65 must be submitted when ordering telecommunications products or equipment in conjunction with CALNET 2 services. Federal and local agencies that would like to use the CALNET Master Contract are first required to complete an Authorization to Order agreement (ATO).

The ATO is good for two years or the length of the CALNET Contract, whichever is less. Signing an ATO is binding, and once signed, requires the use of the CALNET contract for all services and equipment that the agency agrees to purchase as listed in the ATO. Contact your local AT&T or Verizon Business representative to complete the ATO forms. To view the products and services that are available from the CALNET Master Contract, visit Calnet. This site contains the terms, conditions and language of the contract, as well as any amendments. It also displays the products, services and pricing, and provides a Contact List which lists the names and telephone numbers of your representatives at AT&T, Verizon Business and the STND.