Why use the CALNET Master Contract?

State-of-the-art services and equipment are included in the contract at special rates. Because this contract affords the contract vendors a larger customer base than any qualified government purchaser would have alone, the contract is able to offer lower rates based on the collective buying power of the whole public sector in the State. Through the CALNET contract, the State has a consolidated telecommunications network from which most state agencies are required to obtain mandatory services as designated in Management Memo 04-08.

Because this contract is the result of an extensive competitive bidding process, agencies can purchase mandatory services directly from the contract, with the confidence that all government requirements for competitive bidding have already been met. In addition, STND staff trained to manage the CALNET Master Contract are available to answer your questions, and to provide information and assistance in working with the vendors to learn more about the State purchasing requirements and the State telecommunications policies and authority governing the consolidated network and CDT responsibilities, please visit the State Telecommunications Management Manual (STMM).