Registration Deadline: Until filled

Program Dates: October 15 – November 7, 2024

Registration Opens August 27, 2024

What Is the Cybersecurity Boot Camp?

The Cybersecurity Boot Camp is a fully virtual 4-week program aimed at preparing the state’s security workforce for the critical roles of Information Security Officer (ISO), Agency Information Security Officer (AISO), or an expanded role within their department’s security office. The boot camp incorporates security best practices, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) risk and security control frameworks, California-specific policy, standards, and compliance.

Ideal candidates are currently working as an Information Security manager or supervisor. This boot camp is open to the public sector (e.g., state, county, and city agencies), tech-savvy IT, and aspiring ISOs passionate about security. Therefore, students should anticipate interfacing with a variety of students who possess differing backgrounds and experience levels.

Interested students should note there is considerable curriculum overlap within the Information Security Leadership Academy (ISLA) and the Cybersecurity Boot Camp. Therefore, this program should not be viewed as a prerequisite for ISLA. Before registering for this boot camp, please review the ISLA webpage to determine which program best meets your professional goals and needs. To learn more about the programmatic differences between these offerings, see the Frequently Asked Questions below.


The program cost is $3,300.

This cost does not include a 22% cost distribution fee charged by the Department of Technology (CDT) which is our standard practice and will be included in the direct billing to the student’s department. For more detailed information regarding this additional charge, please see CDT’s Service Rates webpage.

How It Works

All training sessions will be conducted online using primarily Zoom as the remote delivery platform. Participants are expected to have a functioning camera and microphone and should commit to attending all class sessions.

The delivery model incorporates courses that will be taught by experienced vendor partners and Cybersecurity executives. Throughout the program, participants will learn and grow through contributions to group discussions, shared experiences, and exposure to critical concepts impacting government entities, such as how to be a trusted advisor, FIPS 199/200, risk management, threat intelligence, cybersecurity first responder, conflict resolution, and overviews of the California Department of Technology’s (CDT) Security Operations Center (SOC) and CDT’s Cal-Secure, the roadmap for the state’s security governance, operations, and technology capabilities.

Professional Development

Participants will complete courses intended to increase their knowledge, skills, and abilities in a variety of areas. Experiencing these carefully selected classes as a cohort also provides the opportunity for participants to develop a strong network of like-minded, passionate individuals who are committed to strengthening their leadership skills in IT security.

How to Register

There are 20 spots available in this program. Interested participants should register visit the CDT’s course schedule and register via its open registration process. Before registering for this program, participants must secure permission from their direct supervisor/manager and should discuss the considerable commitment level involved.

Questions about the Cybersecurity Boot Camp can be directed to Questions regarding the open registration process can be directed to

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the boot camp start and end?

The Cybersecurity Boot Camp starts on October 16 and ends on November 8, 2023.

How many class sessions are scheduled each week?

Participants should expect to be in class 4 days per week on average for the duration of the program. The Office of Professional Development (OPD) will send all registered participants the program schedule and calendar for planning and discussion with their supervisors once the registration period closes.

How does the Cyber Security Boot Camp differ from the Information Security Leadership Academy (ISLA)?

The Cybersecurity Boot Camp differs from the Information Security Leadership Academy (ISLA) in several important ways.

Designed for Information Security professionals who are seeking a more compact training experience, sessions focus primarily on critical technical skills needed by the state’s information security workforce whereas ISLA contains a stronger blend of both professional and technical skills. Another significant difference is the Cybersecurity Boot Camp does not include exam preparation for the Certified Information Security Manager (CISM) exam. In addition, due to the condensed nature of the program, more class sessions are covered weekly within this model to provide the maximum training benefit to the student within a shorter, four-week time frame.  

Finally, this program was not designed to be a pre-requisite for the more rigorous ISLA, which includes a formal application/selection process as well as approval from the candidate’s Chief Information Officer (CIO) as opposed to the Cybersecurity Boot Camp’s open registration process. While both programs can certainly be completed by interested individuals, it is worth noting that, due to the value and importance of the subject matter, there is considerable course repetition within both programs. Therefore, participants who wish to complete both experiences should keep in mind that they will not be excused from attending sessions previously completed.

What are the technical requirements for attending?

All participants should possess a microphone and camera for virtual sessions. Microsoft Teams will be used to house all program-related documents and Zoom will be the primary medium for virtual delivery. Therefore, participants must be able to access these platforms.

How will training sessions be conducted?

All training sessions will be conducted online. Most or all sessions will use Zoom as the delivery platform.

What are the core hours for the virtual training?

The core hours for the training are 9am – 4pm. In order to verify connectivity, class sessions will open at 8:30am. Participants are also encouraged to log in to sessions early to network and chat with one another.

Do I need to have supervisory or managerial experience to register?

The Cybersecurity Boot Camp has been developed to target those who are currently in an IT/Security managerial or supervisory capacity.

What topics are covered in the curriculum?

The course topics have been carefully selected by the Executive Sponsor to provide valuable knowledge, skills, and abilities critical for the state’s upcoming security leaders. Below is a tentative course listing for the 2023 program. Please note that course topics may be subject to change and that circumstances beyond our control may require adjustments to the program schedule including the addition (or replacement) of courses. A final program calendar and schedule will be provided to all students once the registration period closes. In addition, it is important to note that refunds will not be provided after the onset of the program (see below for further details on our refund policy).

  • FIPS 199/200
  • Risk Management
  • Threat Intelligence
  • Cybersecurity First Responder with Tabletop Exercise
  • How to Be a Trusted Advisor
  • Conflict and Negotiation
  • Department of Technology (CDT) Security Operations Center (SOC) Overview
  • CDT Cal-Secure Overview
  • Executive Guest Speakers

Will I be expected to complete assignments outside of my regular schedule?

While the majority of class sessions will not involve any advance preparation or pre-work, some instructors may assign short reading assignments or activities to be completed before a class session. These should take no longer than 30 minutes to complete, at most.

What if I want to register and the program is full?

Once the boot camp is filled, a waitlist will be created. In the event someone drops, the first person on the waitlist will be offered a spot in the program.

Do I have to attend all the remote training sessions to remain in the program?

The Cybersecurity Boot Camp has been designed to be a compact experience; therefore, a great deal of curriculum is covered within its 4-week timeframe. As a result, a considerable time commitment is expected and required for this program upon registration. We understand that absences are unavoidable (e.g., illness); however, the maximum allowable absences is one. Students who exceed this limit will be withdrawn from the program.

Due to the rigor associated with this program, interested participants are strongly encouraged to have a frank conversation with their immediate supervisor about the commitment level associated with this program and the likelihood that their workload will need to be redirected.

If I drop out of the program after it starts or if I am withdrawn due to excessive absences, will my department receive a refund?

Participants who wish to drop out must do so no later than ten business days before the program’s start date or your department will be charged the full program amount. Those who drop from the program less than ten days from the program start date, or who are withdrawn due to excessive absences, will also incur charges to their department for the full amount of the program.

Where do I direct my questions?

Boot camp questions can be directed to Questions regarding the open registration training process can be directed to