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Scott Adams, Deputy Director Broadband and Digital Literacy

Scott Adams was appointed to head the state’s broadband efforts by Governor Gavin Newsom in 2021. His professional history includes positions as Rebuild North Bay’s first-ever scholar-in-residence and director of government and external affair for Comcast in the Bay Area, where he implemented efforts to bring high-speed internet to low-income households.

Sahana Ayer, Chief Counsel

Sahana was appointed CDT’s Chief Counsel in 2021 by Governor Gavin Newsom after serving as its Acting Chief Counsel in 2020. She has held positions at the Office of Systems Integration and Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development and as a Staff Attorney for Orange County, North Carolina.

Brenda Bridges-Cruz, Deputy Director

Brenda Bridges-Cruz serves as Deputy Director of Special Projects. Previously, she served as Deputy Director of CDT’s Office of Professional Development, where she was responsible for the oversight of statewide IT professional development initiatives and programs. Before joining CDT, Bridges-Cruz served as the Deputy Chief Information Officer at Covered California and has more than 20 years of private and public sector IT experience.

Miles Burnett, Chief Administrative Officer

Miles is the Chief Administrative Officer and has been with the department since 2017. Prior to joining CDT, Miles served as the Deputy Director of Administration for the California Department of General Services. Miles served as Deputy Executive Officer of Administration for the Victim Compensation, as well as other senior positions within the state.

Suzie Changus, State Chief Technology Officer

Suzie Changus was appointed State Chief Technology Officer in October. In her previous position, she served as Chief Information Officer at the California Prison Industry Authority in Folsom, CA. While serving in this position, Changus managed a $12 million annual technology budget and $30 million project portfolio budget. While at the agency, she established a new Project Management Office and partnered with agencies to develop an Information Security Collaborative. In her career, Changus has garnered valuable experience in both the private and academic sectors.

Edmond Cheung, Deputy Director of Legislation

Edmond Cheung has over a decade of experience in the California State Assembly during which time he has served as Chief of Staff, Committee Consultant, and Legislative Aide. As Chief Consultant to the Assembly Communications and Conveyance Committee, Cheung advised members on technology and consumer protection policies related to the telecommunications, broadband and passenger transportation industries. Additionally, Cheung spearheaded negotiations over legislation that provided millions of additional funding for the state’s broadband and universal service programs, as well as legislation governing net neutrality. He has also led numerous legislative oversight hearings on topics including the state’s emergency alerts systems and student access to the internet for distance learning.

John Cleveland, Deputy State Chief Information Security Officer

John Cleveland was appointed Deputy State Chief Information Security Officer in 2021. His prior state positions include manager of the Statewide Security Operations Center, security operations chief at the Employment Development Department, chief information security officer at the Department of Child Support Services, and chief technology officer at the Contractors State License Board. He has been instrumental in his previous roles devising and implementing security operations strategies and has built security controls for some of our largest benefit-based systems.

Chinyere ‘Chi’ Emodi, State Chief Project Officer

Chinyere ‘Chi’ Emodi was appointed Deputy Director and Chief Project Officer for the Office of Statewide Project Delivery at the California Department of Technology in 2021. She is a state technology veteran with several senior-level positions under her belt, including Director of Application Services at the Los Rios Community College District and CIO of FI$Cal’s Information Technology Division. Chi also spent 5 years as CDT’s Principal Data Processing Manager.

Pam Haase, Deputy Director of Strategic Initiatives

Pam joined CDT in 2006 as its Account Director in Customer Engagement Services and then in its statewide and internal project management offices. Prior to her 2021 appointment as Deputy Director of Strategic Initiatives, she was CDT’s Chief of Statewide Technology. She has also held positions with the departments of Conservation, Water Resources and Correctional Health Care Services, and in private management consulting for Price Waterhouse.

Scott MacDonald, Deputy State Chief Technology Officer

Scott’s experience and diverse background extends to over 30 years of service in public and private sectors, including application development, enterprise architecture, telecommunications, and information security. Prior to becoming California’s Deputy State Chief Technology Officer, where he headed CDT’s Infrastructure Services.

Mark Monroe, Deputy Director Middle-Mile Initiative

Mark Monroe was appointed Deputy Director, Broadband Middle-Mile Initiative in October 2021. Prior to his appointment, he worked at the California Department of Finance since 2000 where he served as an Assistant Program Budget Manager since 2011. With a strong interest in public policy, Monroe has extensive experience in policy related to utilities, transportation, business, housing, labor, local government, and taxation.

Amy Norris, Deputy Director of Communications

Amy Norris was appointed Deputy Director of Communications for CDT in 2021. She has a wide variety of state public affairs experience and has served as the media relations manager at CalSTRS, Strategic Communication Chief at FI$Cal, and Assistant Director of Communications at CalEPA.

Vitaliy Panych, State Chief Information Security Officer

Vitaliy Panych was appointed State Chief Information Security Officer by Governor Gavin Newsom in 2021. Prior to his appointment, he had been serving in an acting capacity for nearly 2 years. A veteran of state government technology, he worked at several state departments in progressively senior roles before arriving at CDT in 2018 as Deputy State CISO.

Jonathan Porat, State Chief Technology Innovation Officer

Jonathan Porat serves as State Chief Technology Innovation Officer. He was the City of Seattle’s first Information Technology Engagement Manager. He ran the City’s Client Engagement Team to encourage City employees and residents to use innovation and data to better meet business and policy goals. Porat worked across org charts and governments leading initiatives with City Executive Directors, frontline staff, the City’s Council, the Washington State Legislature, and even the US Congress to identify business and policy problems, find innovative tech solutions, and ensure that they were sustainably managed for years to come. Previously, Porat worked at the US Small Business Administration Office of Advocacy leading the policy analysis on small business impacts from technology, labor, and other regulations and in the Executive Office of the President leading the management of national technology policy goals.

Andrew Wertin, Deputy State Chief Project Officer

Andrew Wertin serves as CDT’s Deputy State Chief Project Officer and has been with the department since 2012. Prior to this role, Andrew served as one of CDT’s four oversight branch chiefs. Prior to joining CDT, Andrew served as consultant to the state. He has training and a background in system engineering and development and worked in the private sector as defense contractor. Andrew is a Veteran.

Quentin Wright, Department Chief Information Officer

Quentin Wright joined CDT in 2019, well suited to be CDT’s CIO/CTO. His 20-year career in government tech includes earlier stints at CDT in the State Data Center as well as at the DMV. His last position prior to CDT was CIO for Technology and Administration at the Office of Traffic Safety.