Enterprise Architecture Standards

This page contains the State of California Enterprise Architecture (EA) Standards. The intent of this page is to provide information on approved standards and standards under development

Standards Status and Status Definition

ResearchingAn area for a new statewide EA standard or a modification to an existing EA standard is identified and the State Enterprise Architecture Committee (EAC) is performing preliminary research to determine if the standard should be pursued or not.
ProposedEAC formed a Working Group under the direction of the EAC chair and developed a draft standard and supporting documentation.
EAC ReviewThe proposed EA standard is being reviewed by the EAC or the EA Policy Working Group.
EAC ApprovedThe proposed EA Standard is approved by the EAC and is forwarded to Executive Approval.
Executive ApprovalA standard approved by EAC is under review by the Policy Steering Committee and/or the State Chief Information Officer.
PublishedThe EA Standard is approved and published.

Published Standards

IDDescriptionEA DomainPublish DateNext Review Date
SRM 74.742.590.1Geocode Standard (PDF)Applications12/15/201012/14/2014
SRM 74.742.590.2Geocode Projection (PDF)Applications12/15/201012/14/2014
SRM 74.742.590.3Geocoding Practice (PDF)Applications12/15/201012/14/2014
SRM 76.761.649.1Statewide Active Directory Standard Configuration (PDF)Applications04/05/201104/04/2014
SRM 76.761.649.2Statewide Active Directory Configuration Practice (PDF)Applications04/05/201104/04/2014
TRM 1.5.885.001Identity and Access Management Standard (PDF)Technology12/30/201012/29/2014
TRM 1.5.885.002Identity and Access Management Practice (PDF)Technology10/14/201310/13/2014
TRM 1.3.894.001EA Software Tool Standard (PDF)Technology12/15/201012/14/2014
TRM 2.8.861.001Email Hygiene and Encryption Standard (PDF)Technology12/15/201012/14/2014
TRM 4.17.865.001Server Virtualization Software Standard (PDF)Technology12/15/201012/14/2014
TRM 4.17.865.002Server Virtualization Software Practices (PDF)Technology12/15/201012/14/2014
TRM 4.17.866.001Desktop Operating System Standard (PDF)Technology12/15/201012/14/2014

Standards Under Development

IDDescriptionEA DomainPublish DateNext Review Date
No standards are currently under development