ISO Essentials Training Sessions


Prerequisites: None

Intended Audience: Department Information Security Officers (ISO) and back-ups, Agency Information Security Officers (AISO) and back-ups, Agency and Department Chief Information Security Officers (CIO), State security professionals being prepared for an ISO assignment, and State employees with primary or secondary responsibilities for information security or who wish to learn more about information security policy and compliance

Course Description: This half-day, high-level class focuses on the foundation of a security program, and is designed to cover topics such as the ISO role, SAM 5300, SIMM 5300, NIST, the Foundational Framework (SIMM 5300-B), and Compliance Reporting. Please be advised that the topics addressed in this class are not covered in-depth during the ISO Basic Training class.

If you have any questions, please contact the Office of Information Security at (916) 445-5239 or at