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CDT Releases GoldenStateNet’s Recommended Design of Statewide Open-Access Broadband Network

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SACRAMENTO (April 22, 2022)– The California Department of Technology (CDT) today released a draft map and design recommendations provided by GoldenStateNet for the entire statewide open-access broadband network known as the middle-mile. Once completed, the middle-mile network will enable service providers to interconnect with the new infrastructure and deliver broadband to unserved areas of the state.

GoldenStateNet, the state’s contracted third-party administrator, outlined about 8,700 new miles of proposed middle-mile construction routes that will connect previously unserved residents in urban, rural and tribal communities. An unserved or underserved area has households that do not reliably have download speeds of at least 25 Megabits per second (Mbps) and upload of at least 3 Mbps.

“This set of maps that GoldenStateNet delivered will enable the state to dive deeper and conduct the engineering and economic analyses that will inform the construction and leasing plans for the middle-mile network,” said Russ Nichols, Chair of the Middle-Mile Advisory Committee and acting director of the Department. “This represents a real milestone – a tremendous accomplishment – to give us what we need to get into the weeds on construction planning and a timetable to complete the build by 2026.”

The GoldenStateNet draft map incorporates public comment gathered by the California Public Utilities Commission in August and September 2021. In the coming weeks, CDT will work with GoldenStateNet, CPUC and Caltrans to refine the recommended project routes and begin the preconstruction process. Following additional planning and evaluation conducted by state partners, including a more precise estimation of construction costs, GoldenStateNet will produce a finalized map that includes build and leased Indefeasible Right of Use (IRU) routes to create a statewide open-access network.

CDT is currently evaluating bids for the procurement of optical fiber and other construction materials to create the middle-mile network. Notice of the procurement award and the final approved middle-mile network map will be posted on the MMBI website in the coming weeks.


About Broadband for All and the Middle-Mile Broadband Initiative

Broadband for All is California’s roadmap to empower residents with equitable access to affordable high-speed internet, digital devices and digital literacy training. The Middle-Mile Broadband Initiative supports Broadband for All through construction and leasing of the physical infrastructure between communities to enable internet service providers to connect homes, businesses and community institutions. 

In July 2021, Governor Gavin Newsom signed into law Senate Bill 156 to create an open-access middle-mile network to bring equitable high-speed broadband service to all Californians. SB 156 provides $3.25 billion to build the necessary infrastructure to bring internet connectivity to homes, businesses and community institutions. The design and construction of the middle-mile network is monitored by the Middle-Mile Advisory Committee (MMAC).

CDT’s Office of Broadband and Digital Literacy oversees the acquisition and management of contracts for the development, construction, maintenance and operation of the network.

CENIC California Middle Mile Broadband Initiative, LLC known as “GoldenStateNet” serves as the third-party administrator to manage the development, acquisition, construction, maintenance and operation of the statewide open-access middle-mile broadband network.

The California Public Utilities Commission, in collaboration with the third-party administrator, provides locations for the middle-mile infrastructure and last-mile connectivity.

Caltrans works with the third-party administrator to manage construction of the middle-mile infrastructure along state highways and rights of way.