SIMM 5305-A changes

August 2022

Section Action Type Changes
5305-A Change
  • Added “and procedure” where it was not specifically stated. Though the lead in sentence for this section and corresponding NIST SP 800-53 controls specifically state policy and procedure, this update will make it clearer.
  • Added “most recent version” for NIST SP 800-53 control reference on page.
5330-E Change Updated to add option to certify “No Host/Hosted relationship exists” and a requirement to file an update within 10-days of any change.
5360-A Change
  • The Section 7 heading was updated with the missing “AND,” changed to “7.1 STANDARDS FOR EXCEPTIONS AND WHEN A PERSONALLY-OWNED INFORMATION ASSET IS USED TO TELEWORK”
  • The URL to the Statewide Policy was updated to point to the new Telework policy and guidance website.
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