Chief Agency Telecommunications Representative and Agency Telecommunication Representative Information

Each state government agency, such as state departments, boards and commissions, are required to designate a single Chief Agency Telecommunications Representative (CATR). The CATR assists the California Department of Technology CALNET Program to:

  • Manage that agency’s telecommunications and networking services
  • Provide a single point of contact on telecommunications and networking-related matters

If appropriate, the CATR can appoint one or more Agency Telecommunications Representatives (ATR) to assist in the day-to-day telecommunications activities of their agency. Local government agencies are encouraged to designate CATRs and ATRs so they will receive important updates affecting their telecommunications and networking services, such as changes to Master Service Agreements like CALNET and Telecommunications Consulting.


More information on CATR and ATR responsibilities, forms and instructions can be found in the following documents:

(CAMS) - CALNET Application Management Systems Login

The CALNET Application and Management System (CAMS) is a web application that acts as a business portal for CALNET customers, CALNET staff and CALNET contractors.

CAMS Login

CALNET Notifications

2020 CALNET Notifications

Find out more The California Department of Technology is pleased to announce the award of CALNET Next Generation Data Networks and Communications Services (DNCS)

20-04 TA 20-04 Update to TA 19-04 Cellular Voice and Data Services Contracts

2019 CALNET Notifications

19-04 Tech Alert (TA) Award of Category 19 – CALNET Cellular Voice and Data Services

19-06 Guidelines for Ordering Office 365 G5/E6 Bundle (PDF)

19-05 Next Generation Eligibility Certification by Non-State Entities (PDF)

19-04 CALNET Legacy Contact Award (PDF)

19-03 Frame Relay/ATM Contract expiration and migration out (PDF)

19-02 Contract Extensions (PDF)

19-01 CALNET Service Delegation STMM Chapter 3-502 Update (PDF)

2018 CALNET Notifications

18-11 CALNET – Contractor Name Change (9/5/2018) (PDF)

18-10 CALNET- Services Related Infrastructure (08/20/2018) (PDF)

18-09 CALNET- Automation Update (07/02/2018) (PDF)

18-06 CALNET- “CALNET News” Subscription page update (02/15/2018) (PDF)

18-05 CALNET 3- 279 Area Code Overlap Information (01/17/2018) (PDF)

18-04 CALNET 3- 805 Area Code Overlap Information (01/16/2018) (PDF)

18-03 CALNET 3 Delegation Update (01/11/2018) (PDF)

18-02 CALNET 3 Multiple Updates (PDF)

18-01 CALNET 3 Contract Extensions (PDF)

2016 CALNET Notifications

16-09 CALNET 3 Contractor Name Change – Integra (PDF)

16-08 CALNET 3 IFB-C Awards for Category 10, Satellite Services (PDF)

16-02 Microsoft Office 365 G4 Licensing Restrictions (PDF)

2015 CALNET Notifications

15-02 CALNET 3 Go Green Initiative (PDF)

2014 CALNET Notifications

14-11 Centrex Downtown Sacramento Rate Reduction (PDF)