The California Network and Telecommunications (CALNET) Program is focused on providing services that meet the State’s complex and critical telecommunications and network business needs. The CALNET Program accomplishes this through oversight, statewide policy, and a suite of statewide, competitively bid telecommunications contracts used by both state and local agencies.

CALNET Customer Service Line: (916) 657-9150

General CALNET Questions:

CALNET Service Billing Inquiries:  

Who can use the CALNET Statewide Contracts?

Most Executive Branch State agencies are required to use the CALNET Statewide Contracts to purchase mandatory telecommunications and network services; however, the CALNET contracts can also be used by federal agencies, and local public entities that are 100% tax-supported and non-profit or have an eligible joint powers agreement. The following are examples of customers using CALNET Statewide Contracts:

  • State Departments and Agencies
  • State Colleges
  • State Universities
  • Community Colleges
  • Schools
  • Libraries
  • Cities
  • Counties
  • Special Districts (Water, Fire, etc.)
  • 100% tax-supported agency
  • An agency with a Joint Powers Agreement (JPA)
  • Federally recognized Indian Tribes

Why use the CALNET Statewide Contracts?

CALNET Statewide Contracts contacts provide robust, reliable, and high availability telecommunications services at special rates. CALNET Statewide Contracts offer awarded contractors a larger customer base than any other qualified government purchasing vehicle, which encourages contractors to offer lower pricing and more favorable terms, conditions and Service Level Agreements (SLA’s). This collective buying power of the whole public sector in the State generates lower rates and better services. Additional benefits of using CALNET:

  • Cost effective, reliable services.
  • Services are competitively bid.
  • Eliminates individual customer procurement costs and risk.
  • Industry standard or better Service Level Agreements.
  • CALNET Program staff that provides excellent customer support.
  • CALNET Program staff manages contractors to ensure quality performance.
  • No term commitment for standard catalog priced services.

How do I order telecommunications products and services from the CALNET Statewide Contracts?

STATE AGENCIES State Agencies are automatically eligible to use the CALNET Statewide Contracts and can order products and services by accessing the CALNET User Instructions located on the CALNET Services webpage.

NON-STATE ENTITIES Non-State Entities (e.g. Federal and local agencies) that would like to use the CALNET Statewide Contracts are required to complete an Authorization to Order agreement (ATO) located on the CALNET Services webpage  When your ATO is approved, you may access the CALNET User Instructions located on the same webpage.