CGEN Exemption Requests

The California Government Enterprise Network (CGEN) was established as part of the Infrastructure Consolidation Program in response to AB2408 which requires the consolidation of the IT infrastructure used by State Executive Branch entities.


The following defines the general policy and provides clarifying information for using CGEN:

  • State Executive Branch entities are required to utilize CGEN for their wide area network services.
  • State and community colleges, universities, agencies headed by constitutional officers, or agencies such as the State Compensation Insurance Fund and the Lottery, are among those not required to use CGEN.

CGEN Exemption Requests

State Executive Branch entities with a compelling business reason to use alternatives to CGEN services must submit a CGEN Exemption service request for evaluation and approval, prior to purchasing the services. All requests must be approved by the state entity’s Agency Information Officer (AIO) and Chief Information Officer (CIO), or equivalent.

A CGEN Exemption Request may be granted if the state entity successfully demonstrates that CGEN services are unable to meet the entity’s business needs due to lack of features, functionality, or availability.


State Entity

  • Submit a CGEN Exemption service request.
  • Identify and explain the need for the exemption.
  • Obtain the State entity’s AIO approval of the CGEN Exemption Request.
  • Work with CDT to develop alternative solutions.
  • Agree to maintain a central file of granted CGEN Exemptions and their related acquisition documents. This file must be made available to CDT upon request for audit purposes.
  • Comply with the CGEN exemption response and all related policies, standards, and guidelines.


  • Review and research CGEN Exemption requests, coordinate with the appropriate parties, provide recommendation/s to the CDT Chief Technology Officer, Office of Technology Services.
  • Coordinate with the State entity to develop and/or assist with alternative solutions.


CGEN Exemption Procedures

To obtain telecommunications services from a source other than CGEN, a non-exempt State entity must submit a CGEN Exemption service request and include the following information:

  • Identify and describe the specific services needed, including the quantity, type, and location/street address of services;
  • Explain the technical or business reason why the State entity is requesting an exemption from CGEN (as outlined above);
  • Provide the length and terms of the contract commitment, and any requirements or commitments to early termination or optional contract extension;
  • Include the cost of the proposed services in total and by specific contract item;
  • Provide the name of the service provider and available vendor documentation, if any; and
  • Include service level agreements and associated rights and remedies, if available.