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ADABAS is an enterprise database management system (DBMS) designed for reliability, high performance, scalability and low total cost of ownership. ADABAS delivers extremely high transaction levels— over 1 million commands per second—with a fraction of the staff and resources needed for a comparable relational database management system.

ADABAS provides powerful functionality, including support for any type of data structure, data access and replication features, to participate in data warehouse, business intelligence, and big data environments. It offers scalability to meet heavy and unpredictable transaction loads.

ADABAS is available as an add-on component to Customers that subscribe to z Systems platform.

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Reliable Transactions

Meet growing demands in data processing, while achieving high availability under any workload.

High Performance

Meet increasing needs for speed and scalability, and satisfy Service Level Agreements with optimal efficiency.

Flexible Data Integration

Implement multiple data integration scenarios while supporting existing and new data architectures.

Low Administration Costs

Reduce total cost of ownership by delaying or eliminating hardware upgrades and program re-writes with high throughput and low system overhead (e.g., CPU, disk space use).


  • Easy AdministrationSimple administration and all-inclusive utilities reduce your costs by delivering the highest service level with a fraction of the staff and system resources needed for comparable database management systems.
  • ReliableWell known for iron-clad reliability and failover protection.
  • ScalableHandles any volume of data regardless of workload.
  • High Transaction SpeedCapable of processing 1+ million ADABAS commands per second.
  • SecuritySecure both data at rest and data in motion, as well as mask your sensitive data.
  • ReplicationReal-time replication of changed ADABAS data to ADABAS, RDBMS, and messaging.

CDT provides ADABAS administration on equipment within the z Systems Platform Hosting offering. This includes installation, patching, and product maintenance. Staff performs these tasks according to standard procedures and configurations. CDT manages the contract and licensing for DBMS software and serves as the liaison between the Customer and vendor for technical system-level DBMS issues. The below ADABAS components are included in the service offering:

  • ADABAS Caching Facility – Buffers ADABAS data and indexes in main memory, decreasing the number of physical reads and increasing database performance.
  • ADABAS Delta Save – Enables administrators to back up only changed blocks in a database from the time of the previous backup.
  • ADABAS Fastpath – Automatically stores frequently accessed records in a memory space to reduce CPU usage and optimize performance.
  • ADABAS Online System – Provides a mainframe-based interface to administer ADABAS.
  • ADABAS Review Performance Monitor – Monitors the performance of applications executing within ADABAS environments.
  • ADABAS SAF Security – Validates each end-user using RACF®, TOP Secret, or ACF2 security definitions before allowing access to ADABAS.
  • ADABAS SQL Gateway – Provides standard SQL interface to access ADABAS with SQL queries using standard JDBC® and ODBC interfaces.
  • Entire Net-Work – Message-based middleware that allows ADABAS databases to be accessed anywhere on the network.
  • EntireX – Bi-directionally service-enabled Natural applications by providing or calling services in Java®, .NET, Web services, and Software AG’s Digital Business Platform.
  • Event Replicator – for ADABAS on z Systems, replicates data changes from ADABAS in real-time to other ADABAS, RDBMS, business intelligence, or big data environments.


CDT performs database backups on the following schedule by campus:

Rancho Cordova

Large DatabasesOffline Full Delta SaveSaturday or Sunday62 Days
Offline Equivalent DSFAs Needed62 Days
Offline IncrementalMonday through Saturday15 Days
Offline MergeMonday through Saturday35 Days
Smaller DatabasesADASAV (ADAWKxx)Saturday or Sunday62 Days
ADASAV (ADABKxx)Monday through Saturday35 Days
Protection LogsMonday through Sunday15 Days


DailyOffline FullDaily/DB Down25 Generations
WeeklyOffline Full (Copy of Daily)Weekly8 Generations
Monthly (Production)Offline FullMonthly15 Generations
Protection LogsMonday through Sunday6 Days

The backup schedule is determined by the Customer.


ADABAS DBA administration authority is restricted to CDT designated personnel.

The Customer Database Administrator (DBA) account must be approved by the Customer’s management. The DBA’s will have access to ADABAS utilities and update access to the files that compose the database.

All Customer ADABAS databases will be secured with ADABAS SAF which relies on RACF profiles to protect the individual files on a database. The Customer is required to define the RACF access requirements and keep the documentation up to date.

Configuration changes made outside the scope of the service request requiring intervention, correction, or troubleshooting by CDT staff may incur additional charges.

DBA Mentoring – The ADABAS unit is available to assist Customers in mentoring their DBA’s. This would be a billable service and requires a Case/Request.

Stand-by Services – The ADABAS unit is available for standby support at the Customers’ request. This would need to be requested in advance with a Case/Request. In some cases, stand-by services may be billable to the Customer.

Consulting Services – The ADABAS unit is available for training Customers’ staff on specific technical items.

Vendor Liaison Services – The ADABAS unit provides liaison communication with vendors to ask questions on behalf of Customers.

Review and approval of submitted information prior to beginning work.X
Notify Customer of submittal flaws, if any.X
ADABAS installation, upgrades, patches, fixes, and standard configuration.X
Assist customer in specifying design in accordance with information provided.X
Assist customer with incident resolution subsequent to application configuration changes.X
Design, develop, deploy, test the database and maintain its interaction with application(s).X
Submit complete information for requests.X
System-level administration.X
Manage contract and licensing for ADABAS software.X
Perform off-line scheduled database backups.X
Assist customers upon request to restore a database.X
Monitor free disk space and alert Customer when disk space is below threshold levels determined by Customer.X
Maintain database and Plog backups.X
Assist in resolution of database application-level problems.XX
Create database DBA user account(s) within ADABAS and assign permissions.X
Monitor and modify DBMS software.X
Review and recommend optional configurations that may better meet capacity and performance requirements.X
Perform DBMS version migrations and upgrades.X
Maintain database administration tools.X
Maintain software/configurations.X
Resolve database system problems or seek vendor support for issues through authorized escalation processes.X
Define database availability requirements.X
Document database design and application architecture.X
Maintain database dictionaries.X
Respond to threshold limit notifications provided by CDT staff with mitigating action.X
Maintain application and database statistics.X
Test new maintenance and software releases at user and application levels.X
Additional charges for CDT intervention, troubleshooting and correction of unauthorized changes.X
Create and maintain database objects.X
Load database data via access provided by CDT.X
Application design, development, testing and migration adhering to supported software versions.X
Code modification.X
Application design and maintenance adhering to supported software versions.X
Maintain application and database statistics current by running utilities.X
Maintain application development tools running on attached client(s).X
Ongoing monitoring of database growth in relation to disk space.X
Perform data archival.X
Perform file level maintenance of production data.X
Identity database application related problems or database system problems and report them.X
Data cleansing.X

The core business hours for ADABAS technical support are Monday through Friday, 0700 – 1700. State holidays and mandated schedule alterations are observed and may impact staff availability. After hours, on-call technical support may be requested through a Case/Request submitted 10 days prior to the requested date and may incur additional charges.

The rate schedule represents standard CDT services. If a Customer requires technology solutions that are not part of the standard, CDT will review the Customer’s request and provide customized pricing as necessary.

Service DescriptionService IdentifierProduct NameUnit of MeasurementRateService CodeNotes
CPU Adaptable DAta BAse System (ADABAS)Normalized to IBM CPU 2064-116zSystem ProcessingPer Hour$545.00 C106
Disk Storage - ADABASzSystem StorageMonthly/Per Gb$2.95 S103
Subscriptions to this service are available. 

To request one of the below ADABAS services, please submit a Case/Request and provide the required information in the Case/Request.

Request TitleRequest Link
Add new ADABAS Database
This service request is used for creating a high-performance, scalable, ADAptable DataBASe (ADABAS). This request is also used a ADABAS MPM or ADABAS Event Replicator.
Order a New ADABAS Database
Remove/Decommission an ADABAS Database
Decommission an ADABAS databases. Please provide the name or DBID of the ADABAS region to be decommissioned.
Order the Removal/Decommission an ADABAS Database
Expand/Increase the Size of an ADABAS Database
Additional space for your ADABAS database can be requested here. Please provide the name of the ADABAS region, as well as how much space you wish to add to the following: Data, Associator, Work, or PLOG.
Order the Expansion or Increase the Size of an ADABAS Database
ADABAS SQL Gateway or ConnX SQL Engine
Add a new CONNX SQL Gateway to open your data to New Horizons. CONNX allows for data access, integration, virtualization, and replication and enables quick, secure, and scalable SQL access to ADABAS data wherever it resides, however it is structured, and without any change to your core systems.
Order a New ADABAS SQL (ACE) Database
ADABAS SQL Gateway or ConnX SQL Engine
Remove an ADABAS SQL (ACE) database. Please provide the name of the ADABAS SQL database to be decommissioned.
Order the Removal of an ADABAS SQL (ACE) Database
Add a New EntireX Broker
Set up a secure, robust, high-performance communication infrastructure with a new EntireX Broker! With an EntireX Broker you can create integration architecture to link mainframe assets into new or existing applications.
Order a New EntireX Broker
Remove/Decommission an EntireX Broker
Decommission an EntireX Broker. Please provide the name of the EntireX Broker to be removed.
Order the Removal or Decommission an EntireX Broker
Access to ADABAS Online System (AOS)
Unlock the potential of ADABAS with ADABAS Online System (AOS). With AOS you obtained unparalleled access to ADABAS statistics and analysis as well as control of your major ADABAS resources.
Order Access to AOS