Domain Name Service (DNS)

The Domain Name Service (DNS) administers and maintains the CA.GOV and STATE.CA.US and several IN-ADDR.ARPA domains, for state and local government entities (e.g., city, county, police or fire department, reclamation, water district, etc.).



  • DNS registration and administration for “CA.GOV” and “STATE.CA.US” domains.
  • Primary zones delegated to CDT.
  • Delegation of third-level domains to a government entities and outside Internet Service Providers (ISP) for the CA.GOV and STATE.CA.US domains.


  • Delegation of sub-domains (e.g., to a government entity or ISP).
  • Management of the primary third-level domains for government entities.

This offering is classified as a Current Service.

CDT coordinates registration renewal.

There are no charges for DNS administration / maintenance requests submitted to CDT for CA.GOV or STATE.CA.US domains.

Government entities can submit DNS administration / maintenance requests to CDT.

Existing CDT Customer
  • To request to Add, Change or Delete a DNS entry, or for other DNS services, submit a service request directly in Remedy:  Order Service Now
New CDT Customer