Enterprise Architecture

California’s Enterprise Architecture program, led by the CDT Office of Enterprise Architecture, strives to establish cohesive and consistent business-driven practices and methods that enable better business decisions. The program helps position organizations to support government business, services, and cross-program initiatives needed to best serve Californians. The OEA leads the architectural practice, is the author of the California Enterprise Architecture Framework (CEAF), and fosters a vibrant and active Enterprise Architecture Community.

“Enterprise architecture, as the name indicates, is about the entire enterprise – much more than technology. An enterprise is comprised of its strategic, business, and technical components. These things characterize organizations. Together these elements make up the enterprise’s operating arrangements and help distinguish enterprise architecture from other types of strategic planning.”

Office of Enterprise Architecture

The Office of Enterprise Architecture (OEA) provides business transformation and technology modernization consulting, and architectural oversight services.

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Enterprise Architecture Framework

CEAF framework graphic

The California Enterprise Architecture Framework (CEAF) guides the effective implementation of EA programs within and among state agencies and promotes professional practices. The four core building blocks include





Enterprise Architecture Community

The Enterprise Architecture Community (EAC) facilitates the socialization, refinement, and reuse of pragmatic professional methods and practices.

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Office of Enterprise Architecture

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