Email Services

Email has become a business critical application. Organizations must have the most efficient ways for their staff to communicate and collaborate with each other and their business partners. This increases the necessity of a messaging system with high performance, reliability and security. Outsourcing email support to CDT enables departments to focus on core business functions while reducing resource allocation and costs.



  • Image result for warning icon pngThe CA.mail services are sunsetting in December 2017.
  • CA.mail is the on-premise state solution hosted at the State and managed by state employees.

Consolidated Email Hygiene and Encryption Service

  • The Consolidated E-Mail Hygiene and Encryption Service (E-Hub) secures and protects the State’s inbound, outbound, and inter-departmental email by implementing a highly available email hygiene solution with a rich tool set and capabilities including email encryption, content filtering, uniform anti-spam and anti-virus scanning.

CalCloud Email Services (CCES)

CalCloud Email Services (CCES) Hosted Exchange is a cloud computing, dedicated email environment for the State of California where the email hardware and software are housed at Microsoft data centers.



  • LISTSERV is an email list management software program. While traditional email is ideal for one-on-one interaction, email lists advance the concept a step further by disseminating a single message simultaneously to a group of people. Email list management software makes it easy to administer email lists, performing in seconds the functions that would otherwise have to be done manually, possibly taking many hours or days to complete.

California Online Directory (COLD)

  • The California Online Directory (COLD) is designed to improve access to government information and services for state employees, local government and the general public. COLD includes White Pages, Yellow Pages, and State Government Organization Charts, as well as a keyword search.

Simple Mail Transfer Protocol Relay