Go-Online provides Customers an efficient and secure alternative to view and manage output via a web browser on their desktop, mobile devices, etc. Customers can immediately access documents/reports stored in their repository on the mainframe utilizing Output Management Web Viewer (OMWV), CA-View and CA-Deliver. This provides an economical and “green” alternative to printed reports.

The Go-Online suite of tools provides users an efficient and secure alternative method to view their output via an Internet web browser, using an OMWV. The links below provide training for using Go-Online features and tools.

This is an economical and “green” alternative to printed reports. Users can view documents and reports stored in any of CA Output Management report repositories that reside on the z/OS mainframes. The Output Management Web Viewer Windows application provides a Graphical User Interface (GUI) interface for users with immediate access to their documents from their Web browser.

Through Go-Online, customers are able to view their data online, email it, and print a report from a local printer. Go-Online offers our customers access to their reports at lower costs while maintaining service quality. See resources below for additional information on Go-Online.

Go Online is not billed as a separate service. The utilization is reflected in the Mainframe Processing (C101, S101, S107)