IT Consulting

CDT provides information technology (IT) consulting services to assist Customers with developing IT hosting solutions to meet their program and business needs. As customers are implementing increasingly complex IT systems timely consultation with the CDT can help ensure your project hosting success. In cases where system designs are composed of technologies beyond those currently available as CDT offerings engagement of the consulting services becomes more imperative.

For example, consulting services may be useful early in a project’s life, as during inception or assessment or a later during alternative or procurement analysis. As a project moves into the procurement lifecycle and the bidding or negotiating phase, effectiveness of consultation may provide helpful hosting insights. When the project is ready to host a system consultation becomes centered on installation, configuration and testing of technology and infrastructure items that may have inadvertently omitted required hosting requirements. Finally, IT consultation may be necessary during construction and operations to assist with application trouble shooting, tuning or performance monitoring.

Standby Consulting

CDT consultation includes standby support ensuring reliability and efficiency of support services provided to the customers following the guidelines listed below:


Customer requests for standby support must be submitted via a Service Request a minimum of 10 days prior to the first requested standby date and must include the date(s), hour(s), and technical areas that need to be available for standby support. Requests that do not follow this guideline may not receive the standard level of service, however CDT will make every reasonable effort to fulfill the customer’s request.


Standby support is charged at the appropriate hourly consulting rate based on the classification of the identified standby support staff, as detailed in the CDT Service Catalog. The customer is billed for 2 hours of consulting services for every 8 hours for each CDT employee on standby. If standby staff are called in to work, the Customer will be charged 4 hours of consulting services or actual number of hours worked, whichever is greater, for each CDT employee who reports for duty.


If a service request for standby support services is cancelled by the customer less than 3 business days prior to the first requested standby date, a charge of two hours consulting services for each CDT employee that had been scheduled for standby may be imposed.

Subscriptions to this service are available and can be referenced in the CDT Rate Schedule.

Service CodeService DescriptionUnit of MeasurementRateGroupComment(s)
G2xx-C1Level 1 Consulting* (DPM IV level)Hour$150.00Consulting
G3xx-C2Level 2 Consulting* (DPM III, DPM II, SSS III, SSS II and Sr. ISA)Hour$130.00Consulting
G4xx-C3Level 3 Consulting* (DPM I, SSS I and Staff ISA level)Hour$110.00Consulting
G5xx-C4Level 4 Consulting* (Assoc. ISA, Assoc. SSS and Asst. ISA level)Hour$95.00Consulting
G6xxConsulting TravelVariablePass-throughConsulting
  1. Submit a Service Request in Remedy.
  2. Indicate the request is for “IT Consulting for YOUR-SYSTEM-NAME” in the Request Title.
  3. CDT will review and process the request.

Please contact your CDT Account Lead to learn about CDT’s consulting service.