Network and Telecommunications


The California Government Enterprise Network (CGEN) service uses carrier managed solutions to provide statewide network access and to deliver network traffic to CDT Customer headquarters sites, CDT hosting facilities, the Internet, other state agencies and departments, California counties, and external business partners. The network access equipment is owned by a CALNET vendors (AT&T or Verizon). The vendor will be responsible for the operation of these devices as well as the Wide Area Network (WAN). This is a “bundled” service and the vendor equipment includes the circuit, the router and the telephone line with modem attached to each router for remote management (one measured business line). CDT is the Owner of Record and will manage the provisioning on behalf of their customers. Customers are still responsible for their own LAN. This offering is classified as a Current Service.

CGEN also provides a connection to CENIC – The Corporation for Education Network Initiatives in California (CENIC) that operates the high capacity California Research and Education Network (CalREN).

CalREN supports the University of California, California’s K-12 system, California Community Colleges, the California State University and California’s public libraries. CENIC also provides connectivity for its members to leading edge institutions and industry research organizations around the world.

CDT, the City of Sacramento, and CENIC have partnered to establish connectivity between the CalREN and CGEN networks. This connectivity provides CENIC’s 10,000 member institutions access to the state’s technology service offerings, including its CalCloud Portfolio, with service offerings such as computing, networking, storage and disaster recovery.

This agreement will also enable CDT to participate in statewide data sharing initiatives with other cities who are connected – or will soon connect – to the CalREN network and to California’s academic research community. This will embolden a platform for sharing and analyzing data, and enabling the exchange of best practices and new applications across California’s public entities.


CALNET offers State and local government agencies a comprehensive array of telecommunication and network services throughout the State of California.


CDT provides Domain Name Service (DNS) administration for CA.GOV and STATE.CA.US domains and is also the primary authority for several IN-ADDR.ARPA domains, as delegated by the American Registry of Internet Numbers (ARIN). CDT offers this service on a no-fee basis to government and quasi-government organizations that wish to use the CA.GOV and STATE.CA.US domain names.


The Fiber Ring Service (FRS) is located in downtown Sacramento and is part of the CDT California Government Enterprise Network (CGEN) services.