Enterprise Architecture Community

The Enterprise Architecture Community is comprised of state staff actively practicing and promoting the operational and organizational benefits described in the California Enterprise Architecture Framework. The Community is influential in managing change and enabling mission success. Participants manage their respective department/agency enterprise architecture program. Together we strive to make the business of government most efficient. Participants include architects, business experts, project managers, technologists, and other stakeholders from various state agencies/departments. The Community’s primary goal is to align design practices with the California Enterprise Architecture Framework. This promotes comparable design and methods consistency across State Government.

The Office of Enterprise Architecture hosts regular Community events where relevant topics are shared, collaborated on in a group forum, and studied together.


Community Membership

If you are an employee of the State of California and want to know more about the CA Enterprise Architecture Community and wish to join, contact the Office of Enterprise Architecture.


Explore the EA Repository for guiding information and tools.

Community Access

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