Platform Hosting - AIX


The AIX Platform Hosting Service provides Customers with standardized AIX server and operating system configurations, deployment, management, and administration of AIX-based software applications.



  • A dedicated support team of experienced, certified professionals
  • 24/7 Service Desk support


  • Consultation available to identify the optimal solution that will meet business and IT requirement
  • No need to purchase or support servers, storage or network equipment


  • Hardware and software components are built to create a stable, secure, fault-tolerant, and scalable infrastructure
  • Customers focus on supporting their application product, not the hardware or OS

The following components and features are standard for the AIX Platform Hosting Service.

  • Operating system
  • Server hardware
  • Connection to SAN
  • Backup and restore
  • Network connection

Operating System

AIX 7.1 TLX – X being the latest vetted release


Connection to SAN

8 GB fiber channel cards (depending on requirements)

Network Connection

One IP address


IBM’s AIX licenses are included in the standard Application Hosting service


Operating system security strictly adheres to established, applicable CDT security policies. Policies include, but are not limited to, an established quarterly operating system patch cycle and routine third-party security scans to test for known vulnerabilities. For more information, see Security Services.

CDT offers hardware and software options for the AIX Platform Hosting service in a secure and controlled environment.


CDT offers single or multiple IBM Systems utilizing virtual partitions. Virtual servers (LPARs) are built using Customer core and memory requirements. The configuration is subject to the minimum/maximum configurations of the current IBM pSeries hardware offering.


High Availability

  • PowerHA (formerly High Availability Cluster Multi-Processing or HACMP).


CDT offers a number of database management system (DBMS) technologies.

  • DB2 Linux, Unix, Windows (LUW)
  • Oracle


CDT provides a number of middleware technologies, including:

Disaster Recovery

CDT Disaster Recovery consists of the planning and preparation necessary to enable Customers to recover critical information technology applications hosted on the platform.



  • Centralized backup system
  • Last backup Recovery Point Objective (RPO)
  • Capability to failover to an alternate campus
  • Hardware to support critical applications
  • Exercise schedule flexibility
  • Cost-efficient DR services
  • Technical support during an exercise and in the event of a disaster
  • 24/7 Service Desk support during DR exercises

File Transfer

File transfer is supported through CDT’s Secure File Transfer service.



Anti-virus protection is provided as requested by the Customer.



  • SAN storage is available in increments of 1 GB
  • Data storage on disk using a redundant array of independent disks (RAID)
  • Off-site storage


CDT offers IT consulting when support is outside our normal service offering. For more information please see IT Consulting Services.

Computing Software (Servers)

Operating SystemCDT
Operating System PatchingCDT
ApplicationCustomer/CDTDepends on the owner of the application.
Application Layer SecurityCustomer/CDTDepends on the owner of the application.
Application MaintenanceCustomer/CDTDepends on the owner of the application.
Application SupportCustomer/CDTDepends on the owner of the application.
Email RelayCustomer/CDTAdditional cost.


Connectivity to ServersCDT
Disk Space ManagementCustomerCustomer requests modification of storage.
Backup and RecoveryCustomer/CDTCustomer requests file system recovery. CDT implements file system recovery request.
Capacity MonitoringCDT

Network Infrastructure

Customer required network accessCDTMust be approved by Security.
Firewall and IPS hardwareCDT
Firewall context configuration and managementCDT

IT Security Management

Configure system security toolsCDT
Monitor system securityCDT
Ensure system securityCDT
Ensure system security responseCDT
Manage system authenticationCDT
Maintain user accountsCustomer/CDTCustomer requests modification of accounts. CDT implements account request. No client root/sudo with exception.

Resource Administration

Monitor resource performanceCDT
Fix resource performanceCustomerCustomer request for additional capacity.
Monitor resource capacityCDT
Add resource capacityCustomer/CDTCustomer requests modification of capacity. CDT implements the capacity request.


System software procurementCDT
Maintenance contract managementCDT
Hardware procurement and maintenanceCDT

Maintenance Schedule

CDT provides administrative support including managing the allocation of user accounts, server management, monitoring, security, preventative maintenance, backup, and restore services for the AIX Platform Hosting service. Server Administration does not include installation and support of Customer installed software applications. The performance of a specific platform is dependent on many factors, most of which are outside the scope of the system administrators. The systems are initially sized based on initial project recommendations. Refreshed systems are sized based on historical information. Unplanned workload growth can affect the performance of any application. CDT will upgrade or replace servers to meet new workload demands, as requested by Customers.

Server Administration

CDT provides AIX server maintenance administration including Operating System (OS), patching and updating of servers, 24/7 monitoring of the performance, wellness, security, and connectivity of the server. With planned patch management, CDT ensures the data is protected at all times. CDT informs Customers of planned maintenance (such as OS upgrades or patching). The Customer installs, maintains, patches, and troubleshoots all of the hosted application software on the provisioned servers.


File System Administration

  • Root disks are reserved for Operating Systems only.
  • CDT provides shared centralized file storage and retrieval for equipment connected to the CDT network.

Disk Administration

  • CDT monitors and manages the disk space usage using Tivoli.

Backup and Restore Administration

Daily backups between 6 PM and 6 AM, Monday through Sunday. This includes one full and six incremental backups per week.
Daily Backup Job Summary Reports, available upon request.
Backup copy redundancy
• On-site Primary Backup copy, 28-day retention
• Additional Off-site Secondary backup copy, 14-day retention

File and disk restoration for disk failure and operational recovery purposes.
Non-operational restore requests only when approved by CDT and coordinated through your Account Lead.

Database Backups
Detailed services are listed separately and can be found here:


CDT proactively monitors the network and server infrastructure health with multi-layer security and monitoring systems designed specifically for the managed servers. CDT’s monitoring service tracks the resources, processes, and services running on servers including:

  • CPU utilization
  • Memory utilization
  • Running processes and applications

Technology Refresh

Hardware is refreshed every five years, or as needed.

Vendor Contract Administration

CDT manages vendor contracts for the AIX platform and provides licenses for hosted servers.

User Account Administration

AIX Server Administration (SA) authority is restricted to CDT designated personnel. Restricted server access is permitted based upon server function and data type. SA privileges are never permitted on shared services. Configuration changes made outside the scope of the service request which require intervention, correction, or troubleshooting by CDT staff may incur additional charges.

The rate schedule represents standard CDT services. If a Customer requires technology solutions that are not part of the standard, CDT will review the Customer’s request and provide customized pricing as necessary.


Service DescriptionService IdentifierProduct NameUnit of MeasurementRateService CodeNotes
AIX LPAR; Does not include Memory or CPUAIXMonthly/Per LPAR$2,023.00 M501
Virtual AIX ServerAIXMonthly/Per Virtual Server$1,403.00 M507
AIX Set-up FeeAIXOne-Time/Per Server$396.00M512

AIX Add-Ons

Service DescriptionService IdentifierProduct NameUnit of MeasurementRateService CodeNotes
CPU CoreAIX Add-OnsAIXMonthly/Per Core$818.00M505
MemoryAIX Add-OnsAIXMonthly/Per GB$43.00M506

AIX – Optional Add-Ons

Service DescriptionService IdentifierProduct NameUnit of MeasurementRateService CodeNotes
IBM HACMP Software License and MaintenanceAIX - Optional Add-onsAIXPer LicensePass-through + 2.71% CDT
Processing Fee
D101 - AIXPlus the CDT Processing Fee of 2.71%
IBM HACMP SupportAIX-Optional Add-OnsAIXMonthly/Per Cluster$560.00M513
IBM HACMP Set-up FeeAIX-Optional Add-OnsAIXOne-Time/Setup$2,239.00 M514

Subscriptions to this service are available. 

To submit a Case/Request for a new server or server environment, please go to the Enterprise Services Delivery Process page.

To request a change (SUDO, CPU/memory, storage), or decommission, please submit a sCase/Request:  Request a Change or Decommission

For SUDO requests, a Security Exception Form must be completed and attached to the Case/Request. For assistance in completing the required items, please contact your CDT Account Lead.