Remedy Training Videos and Presentations

The Service Request application is a web portal for creating, approving and tracking service requests submitted to the California Department of Technology (CDT). Below are computer-based training videos, presentations, manuals and FAQs that provide step-by-step instructions for CDT staff and customers on how to submit and manage their Service Requests.

Training Videos


Who can I contact for Remedy Service Request support?

All issues related to the Remedy Service Request system must be reported to the Service Desk at (916) 464-4311 or

What if I can't find a service request that fits my request?

“Other” should be selected when the submitter cannot find a specific service request title when searching and navigating through the Remedy system.

How do I select the approvers correctly?

The request includes three approver fields which can be selected from the drop down menus. The approvals are in sequential order. As best practice the submitter should select their supervisor/manager according to their current management chain. The system requires at least one approver. If the submitter only has one approver in their management change, they can select “none” for approvers 2 and 3. As a best practice, the submitter of the request should not select themselves as an approver or select the same approver twice. If this scenario arises, the submitters request may be rejected.

Does Remedy have the capability to have prefilled approvers?

At this time the approvers are selected by using a drop down menu.

Will the Remedy system automatically route the request to each approver?


Does Remedy have a copy request function?

Yes. Submitters have the ability to use the “Copy Request” feature to copy the request type and its data. You can watch the video above called How to Copy a Request to learn how to do this. Another option is to add a request that is frequently used to the Favorites section.

Is there a maximum of three approvers per department?

No. Departments can have as many approvers placed in to Remedy as they request. However, only three approvers can be selected per request.

Can the ISO be considered one of the designated approvers?

Yes. However the Firewall request automatically sends the request to the ISO. In this case selecting the ISO as an approver is not necessary.

Is there a way to restrict individuals from submitting a request?

Yes. During the onboarding process individuals that should not receive access can be omitted from the access list.