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CGEN Vendor Web Portal Access Form-383383The CGEN Vendor Web Portal Access Form 383 is completed by authorized customer department coordinators to request addition or removal of user access to the CGEN Vendor’s Web Portals and Tools: AT&T BusinessDirect Web Portal, Verizon CALNET 2 Customer Center Web Portal Tools, Verizon Business WAN Analysis (eHealth). This form is filled out by the customer department coordinator and attached to the Remedy SRM CGEN Vendor Web Portal / Tool Access Request.Form
Navigating The Removable Media Manager ProcedureProcedure
Web Server SubmittalSubmittal
Certification of Compliance with PoliciesOutside source from the Department of General Services’ State Administrative Manual.Form
Web Server GuidelineGuideline
Service GuidelinesGuideline
Gold Camp z System Printer Form-380

Gold Camp z System Printer Form-380
380The Mainframe Printer Form 380 is used to request printer creation, update, or deletion for Gold Camp mainframe users who are not connecting via Telnet. Often customers need to coordinate with several areas within their organization in order to complete this form (for example, end users, networking, and printer support). This form is an Excel Spreadsheet that has three Worksheets; the first worksheet contains instructions. Input is required on the other two worksheets.Form
System Administrator Access Standard 31383138Standard
VPS Printer Request Form-379

VPS Printer Request Form-379
379This form is required to be completed by customers then attached to Service Requests requesting an addition, change, or deletion of VPS print services provided by CDT.Form
Extended Software Version Support Request Form 382382Form
Hosted Project Security Standard and Recommendations 31203120Standards
Professional Services Intake FormSubmittal
Information Security Exception Request Procedure 35023502Procedure
Customer Identification Code Request- Word

Customer Identification Code Request-PDF
29The Customer Identification Code Request form 029 is used to request new Customer Billing Codes and/or to make changes to the contact information, physical location or Direct Transfer Funding information for Accounting.
Rates & Cost Recovery staff will assign and determine the new Customer Billing Code. Form 029 should be completed and e-mailed to:
New customers or existing customers who wish to use CDT services should also submit a Customer Authorization form 258 and the TSO User Request form 116. The Standard Agreement form is used (STD. 213) for Non-State Agreements, Interagency Agreements and CalSTARS Agreements. Please note that CDT does not require an executed Interagency Agreement between state entities and Department of Technology to process the direct transfer for services rendered. It also alleviates state entities and Department of Technology staff resources in preparing and compiling the Interagency Agreement.
If you have any questions regarding the IAA template, please contact the Agency IAA Processing Analyst, at (916) 431-5089, or by email at Or to be directed to the Procurement Manager’s support staff, call (916) 431-5397.
If you have any other questions regarding services, costs, rates, etc., please contact your Account Lead.
Processing Credit Request-110

Processing Credit Request 110 - PDF

Processing Credit Request-110
Data Classification Standard 31133113Standard
Photograph Request Procedure 31033103Procedure
MFT Quad 2009 AXWAY 31833183Other
Environment Submittal InstructionsInstructions
Visitor Access Procedure 31023102Procedure
Entry Exit Facilities Standard 31013101The Processing Credit Request, form 110, and associated documentation, is used to request credit for an error which occurred due to hardware, software or personnel. Additional information is available at: Credit Request.
Send the completed form to your Account Lead.
RACF Customer Authorization Word

RACF Customer Authorization - PDF

RACF Remedy template instructions-258
258The Customer Authorization, form 258, is used to provide CDT Data Security personnel with information regarding a customer department’s Information Security Officer (s) and Resource Access Control Facility (RACF) Coordinator(s). This information is updated on a yearly basis.Form
408A Air Cooled Data Centers - PDF408APower Usage Effectiveness (PUE) Reporting. Please reference requirements of DGS Management Memo 14-09. The PUE Reporting forms are due every December 31.
Select the appropriate form based on the type of Data Center Cooling:

408 A for Air Cooled Data Centers
408 B for Chilled Water Cooled Data Centers
General Terms ConditionsOther
Dedicated Software Product Agreement

354The Dedicated Software Product Agreement, Form 354, is required when a customer submits a service request for the procurement of a dedicated software product. The Dedicated Software Product Agreement must be completed by the customer agreeing that they will be responsible for all costs associated with the use of the software product. The customer signed agreement will be forwarded to their Account Lead.Form
Security Policy Exception Request Form 358 - Word
Security Policy Exception Request Form 358 - PDF
358The Security Policy – Standard Exception Request Form is submitted when one of the Security Policies, Standards, or Procedures cannot be adhered to. Please reference the Security Exception Request Procedure, 3502 for details regarding form submission.Form
Freeze Request Information Sheet-403 - Word

Freeze Request Information Sheet-403 - PDF
403The requested data is needed in order to analyze potential conflict and impact to the various components which make up your application environment.Other
Environment SubmittalSubmittal
Cloud Portal User Setup QuestionnaireCalCloudQuestionnaire
Cloud Tenant Onboarding QuestionnaireCalCloudQuestionnaire
Platform Windows Managed CalCloud Build SubmittalCalCloudSubmittal
Secure Certificate Delegated Administrator SubmittalCertificatesSubmittal
Secure Certificate GuidelineCertificatesGuideline
Secure Certificate SubmittalCertificatesSubmittal
CND catalogComputer Network DefenseOther
Database Oracle GuidelineDatabaseGuideline
Database SQL Server SubmittalDatabaseSubmittal
Database Midrange DB Server Security Standard 31323132DatabaseStandard
Database Oracle SubmittalDatabaseSubmittal
Database DB2 LUW GuidelineDatabaseGuideline
Database DB2 LUW SubmittalDatabaseSubmittal
Database ADABAS GuidelineDatabaseGuideline
Database MySQL GuidelineDatabaseGuideline
Database MySQL SubmittalDatabaseSubmittal
Database SQL Server GuidelineDatabaseGuideline
Chilled Water Data Centers - 408B408BPower Usage Effectiveness Report (Chilled Water Cooled) to be used by all State data centers over 1000 square feet.FacilityForm
GIS SubmittalGISSubmittal
GIS GuidelineGISGuideline
Middleware WebSphere App Server SubmittalMiddlewareSubmittal
Middleware WebSphere App Server GuidelineMiddlewareGuideline
Middleware TAMe SubmittalMiddlewareSubmittal
Middleware TAMe GuidelineMiddlewareGuideline
O365 Unified GAL Connection RequestMobileForm
Mobile Afaria FeaturesMobileFeatures
Mobile MDM Authorization FormMobileForm
Mobile LISTSERV SubmittalMobileSubmittal
Mobile EHub Service Enrollment FormMobileSubmittal
Mobile EHub Activating Services MVLSMobileOther
Mobile ECAT Training GuideMobileTraining
CES Migration Planning ToolThis tool is used for O365 and email migration planning. MobileTools
Mobile CES Enrollment FormThis form is used for O365 and email migration planning. MobileSubmittal
Mobile LISTSERV GuidelineMobileGuideline
Mobile Touchdown FeaturesMobileFeatures
CES Billing GuidelinesMobileGuideline
Mobile CES Archive Storage CalculatorMobileTools
CCESS O365 Discovery QuestionnaireMobileQuestionnaire
Mobile EHub StandardMobileStandards
Domain Name System GuidelineNetworkGuideline
Network Domain Name Request GuidelineNetworkGuideline
Network FRS Fact SheetNetworkOther
Network Firewall and Access List Request Form 363363The Firewall Request Form 363 is used to transmit firewall rule change requests to the CDT. Requests will be coordinated with the CDT customer, and the work completed per a change window authorized by CDT Change Management. Information fields must be completed correctly in order to process the request.NetworkForm
Network LAN GuidelineNetworkGuideline
Network LAN SubmittalNetworkSubmittal
Network FRS Onboarding TimelineNetworkOther
Network Domain Name System SubmittalNetworkSubmittal
Network Architecture Standard 31173117NetworkStandard
Network Firewall and Access List Request Procedure 31213121NetworkProcedure
Platform Solaris Intake PacketPlatformSubmittal
Platform Windows Decommission SubmittalPlatformSubmittal
Software Version Support Procedure 40054005PlatformProcedure
Platform SystemZ DR GuidelinePlatformGuideline
Server Vulnerability Scan SubmittalPlatformSubmittal
Server Vulnerability Scan GuidelinePlatformGuideline
Platform SystemZ Tape Volume Expiration Date Change ProcedurePlatformProcedure
Software Version Support Policy 40004000PlatformPolicy
Platform AIX SubmittalPlatformSubmittal
Platform AIX Linux Solaris GuidelinePlatformGuideline
Platform Enterprise Linux GuidelinePlatformGuideline
Platform Enterprise Linux SubmittalPlatformSubmittal
Platform Windows GuidelinePlatformGuideline
Platform Windows Build SubmittalPlatformSubmittal
Platform Linux SubmittalPlatformSubmittal
Remedy Multiple External Profile and Designated Approver RequestsRemedyRequest
SAS PC Order Form-2017SAS PCForm
Audit Control GuideSecurityGuideline
Security Audits PARSecurityForm
Cloud SBCS GuidelineServer Based ComputingGuideline
Cloud SBCS SubmittalServer Based ComputingSubmittal
Platform TMS Basic Fact SheetTMSOther
Platform TMS Property Transaction Form 254254The Property Transaction form 254-TMS for the Tenant Managed Services (TMS) is to be used whenever a Tenant brings in or removes equipment from the TMS Raised Floor Environment at theCDT Gold Camp facility. Listing all equipment ensures the safety of the CDT facility and personnel. It also ensures the validity of all removals.TMSForm
TMS Premium Equipment SurveyTMSSurvey
TMS Premium Cable SchemaTMSForm
TMS Contact ListTMSForm
TMS Basic Equipment SurveyTMSSurvey
Platform Tenant Managed Services Security Standard 31113111TMSStandard
TMS Premium Storage EnvironmentTMSSubmittal
Platform TMS Basic Tenant GuideTMSGuide
Platform Tenant Managed Services Access Procedure 31123112TMSProcedure
CAWeb Assessment Request FormWebForm