Storage as a Service (STaaS) Off-Premises

The California Department of Technology (CDT) is now offering off-premises Storage as a Service (STaaS) as a new Vendor Hosted Subscription Service (VHSS), which provides vendor hosted cloud secondary storage solutions from the following vendors:


  • Scalable
  • Low cost
  • Usage based costs


  • High durability and reliability
  • Storage management
  • Multiple storage classifications

CDT provides a contract vehicle for customers to subscribe to services with the expectation of added value such as volume discounts, due to enterprise consolidation of all licenses into one contract in addition to:

  • Service fulfillment;
  • Contract management;
  • Service management;
  • Vendor management;
  • Vendor invoice receipt, review, approval and payment;
  • Procurement process including contract negotiations, purchase order generation and contract renewals;
  • Software subscription tracking and renewal by customer; and
  • Essential administrative activities in support of the above functions.


  • Security certifications and/or attestation of compliance with:
    • Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) (only available in the AWS GovCloud STaaS offering)
    • NIST/FIPS, government security standards
    • HIPPA
    • FERPA
  • Secure tenant isolation
  • Ability to encrypt data at rest or in transit

Roles & Responsibilities can be found on the Vendor Hosted Service Standards page.

Service CodeService DescriptionUnit of MeasurementRateNotes
K601Storage as a Service (STaaS) - Off PremisesVendor Cost + 4.58%

To request this service, please follow the below process:

  • The Customer contacts the VHSS Vendor and schedules a meeting to discuss requirements.
Vendor Name (and Product)Contract NumberContact NamePhoneAlternate PhoneEmail
Infiniti (STaaS Off-Premises)16-10992Jeff Strybing(916)
IBM (STaaS Off-Premises)16-10991Steve Hamano(800)
  • The Vendor provides a Business Proposal for new services or a price quote for additional/renewal services to the Customer.
  • The Customer submits a Service Request to CDT requesting services with the Business Proposal or quote attached.
  • The Service Request must contain the following information in the narrative:
    • The timeframe to utilize the service,
    • A list of general requirements, and
    • A budgetary quote or a business proposal.
  • ITPM reviews, processes, and approves the request.
  • Once all approvals are received, ITPM releases a work authorization.
  • The VHSS vendor will work with the Customer to schedule a walk-through the application and make any necessary configuration changes.
  • The Customer will notify ITPM once the services are completed so that the department can accept the vendor invoice and bill the customer.

To order STaaS as a service, submit a Service Request: Order Service Now