eSignature / Digital Signature

The Electronic Signature (eSignature) / Digital Signature service offering provides State and local governments a COTS (Commercial Off The Shelf) solution that implements the use of an electronic and/or digital signature in any transaction between two or more persons, including a government agency.  This electronic / digital signature has the same force and effect as the use of a manual signature and is valid and enforceable under any law that requires a signature in any transaction between the two parties.  This capability will provide the government and the public with the benefits of digital transactions and online services, improving efficiency, providing cost savings, increasing convenience, and reducing paper reduction.



  • Low cost hosting solution
  • No capital expenditures
  • Pay–per–use
  • Seamless integration
  • High Adoption – available from any computer or any device — anytime, anywhere
  • eSignatures / Digital Signatures provide non-repudiation


  • Effortless upgrades – SaaS provider manages all updates and upgrades
  • Digital transactions can streamline workflow process as compared to manual based processes
  • Intuitive user experience and simplest implementations


  • Works with applications, services, and devices you already use
  • Fully digital audit trail
  • Flexible mobile workflows support agreement or approval processes

CDT provides a contract vehicle for customers to subscribe to services with the expectation of added value such as volume discounts, due to enterprise consolidation of all licenses into one contract in addition to:

  • Service fulfillment;
  • Contract management;
  • Service management;
  • Vendor management;
  • Vendor invoice receipt, review, approval and payment;
  • Procurement process including contract negotiations, purchase order generation and contract renewals;
  • Software subscription tracking and renewal by customer; and
  • Essential administrative activities in support of the above functions.

Compliance with:

  • SAM 4983, 5100 & 5300
  • NIST Special Publication 800-53 control framework
  • California Government Code §16.5 & California Code of Regulations, Digital Signatures, Title 2. Administration, Division 7. Secretary of State, Chapter 10. Digital Signatures §22000 – §22005
  • Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) 186-4 “Specifications for the DIGITAL SIGNATURE STANDARD (DSS)”
  • The California Uniform Electronic Transactions Act, California Civil Code §1633.1 et seq
  • Section 508
  • Requires “electronic” signature solution methodologies to incorporate, at a minimum, level 2 or higher identity assurance technical requirements for individual signers; as specified in NIST SP 800-63 -2 “Electronic Authentication Guideline.”
  • Requires signature (electronic and digital) solutions to have security procedures for the secure storage, retrieval, and retention (based on subscriber retention timeframe requirements) of signed instruments, documents, transactions or processes. Hashing of signed instruments, documents, transactions or processes shall comply with the specifications and guidance contained in FIPS 180-4 Secure Hash Standard (SHS), FIPS 140-2 “Security Requirements for Cryptographic Modules;” and, NIST SP 800-107 (Rev.1) “Recommendation for Applications Using Approved Hash Algorithms”
  • Digital signatures and all associated data must be saved within the continental US in a NIST compliant solution.

Roles & Responsibilities can be found on the Vendor Hosted Service Standards page.

Subscriptions to this service are available and can be referenced in the CDT Rate Schedule.

Service CodeService DescriptionUnit of MeasurementRateNotes
K501eSignatureVendor Cost + 4.58%See Appendix D

To request this VHSS service, please follow the below process:

  • The Customer contacts the VHSS Vendor and schedules a meeting to discuss requirements.

Vendor Name (and Product)Contract NumberContact NamePhoneAlternate PhoneEmail
Taborda Solutions (Adobe eSignature)16-10784Kristen Lindberg(916) 932-1003(916)
Carahsoft (Docusign)16-10783Beth Drake(703) 889-9821(888)

  • The Vendor provides a Business Proposal for new services or a price quote for additional/renewal services to the Customer.
  • The Customer submits a Case/Request to CDT requesting services with the Business Proposal or quote attached.
  • The Case/Request must contain the following information in the narrative:
    • The timeframe to utilize the service,
    • A list of general requirements, and
    • A budgetary quote or a business proposal.
  • IT Procurement Management (ITPM) reviews, processes, and approves the Case/Request.
  • Once all approvals are received, ITPM releases a work authorization.
  • The VHSS vendor will work with the Customer to schedule a walk-through the application and make necessary configuration changes, if any.
  • The Customer will notify ITPM once the services are completed so that the department can accept the vendor invoice and bill the customer.

To request to Subscribe, Change/Renew, Discontinue, or Request Cost Estimate for eSignature, submit a VHSS Case/Request and choose the eSignature option from the VHSS product drop down list:  Order Now