Remedy on Demand

CDT offers Remedy On Demand (RoD) for IT Service Management (ITSM). RoD is a secure enterprise Service Management solution with a variety of tools that can be accessed anytime, anywhere. Those tools include:

  • Service Desk
  • Change and Release Management
  • Asset and Configuration Management
  • Service Level Management
  • and more

Customers have the option to start with the out-of-the-box applications or customize the tools to meet unique business requirements.



  • Deliver the agility your business requires with a robust cloud ITSM platform built to support your Enterprise
  • Provides infrastructure administration staff 24 x 7 x 365 for cost-effective operations


  • Keep your business current and running the latest solution features via managed patching and upgrades
  • End-to-end security and data management based on NIST controls
  • Supports FISMA



  • No co-mingling of customer data
  • All services delivered and hosted from secure US-based Tier-3 data center facilities


For a monthly per-user subscription fee, you get Web access to the ITSM Suite, built on a massively scalable, fully managed global infrastructure with 24 x 7 x 365 monitoring. Disaster recovery is also available for an additional fee.

What you get with your subscription:

  • Fully-managed cloud infrastructure for Remedy application hosting.
    • Production Environment
    • Test Environment
    • Development Environment
  • 99.9% service availability commitment for production environments.
  • Premium disaster recovery minimizing recovery-time and data loss (optional).
  • 24 x 7 x 365 service monitoring and help desk.

Roles & Responsibilities can be found on the Vendor Hosted Service Standards page.

Subscriptions to this service are available and can be referenced in the CDT Rate Schedule.

Service CodeService DescriptionUnit of MeasurementRateNotes
K115ITSM Remedy OnDemand User License ESOPer License/Quarterly$157.54Note: 4.58% VHSS Fee will be added
K116ITSM Remedy OnDemand Concurrent User License ESOPer License/Quarterly$394.24Note: 4.58% VHSS Fee will be added
K117ITSM Analytics OnDemandPer User/Quarterly$40.01Note: 4.58% VHSS Fee will be added
K118ITSM Analytics OnDemand Concurrent UserPer User/Quarterly$68.24Note: 4.58% VHSS Fee will be added
K119ITSM Discovery for Data Center OnDemand ESOPer OSI/Quarterly$6.16Note: 4.58% VHSS Fee will be added
K120ITSM Remedy OnDemand Additional Environment ESOEnvironment/Quarterly$15,011.64Note: 4.58% VHSS Fee will be added
K121ITSM Remedy OnDemand Premium Disaster Recovery ESOPer Instance/Quarterly$952.42Note: 4.58% VHSS Fee will be added
K123ITSM Remedy OnDemand ActivationPer Instance/Quarterly$7,259.14Note: 4.58% VHSS Fee will be added
K126ITSM Digital Workplace Advanced CloudPer User/Quarterly$10.40Note: 4.58% VHSS Fee will be added
K127ITSM Discovery for Storage OnDemand ESOPer OSI/Quarterly$4.13Note: 4.58% VHSS Fee will be added
K128ITSM Discovery for Multi-Cloud OnDemandPer OSI/Quarterly$6.24Note: 4.58% VHSS Fee will be added
K129ITSM Innovation Suite Reporting Named UserPer User/Quarterly$9.26Note: 4.58% VHSS Fee will be added
K130ITSM Innovation Suite Dedicated UserPer User/Quarterly$173.37Note: 4.58% VHSS Fee will be added
K131ITSM Client Management OnDemandPer Node/Quarterly$9.08Note: 4.58% VHSS Fee will be added
K132ITSM Remedy Monitoring Tool Base LicensePer Enterprise/Quarterly$741.85Note: 4.58% VHSS Fee will be added
K133ITSM Remedy Monitoring Tool Infrastructure Management SuitePer Server Endpoint/Quarterly$83.95Note: 4.58% VHSS Fee will be added
K134ITSM Remedy Monitoring Tool Reporting StudioPer User/Quarterly$76.12Note: 4.58% VHSS Fee will be added
K135ITSM Remedy Monitoring Tool Middleware MonitorPer Server Endpoint/Quarterly$189.42Note: 4.58% VHSS Fee will be added
K136ITSM Remedy Capacity Tool Capacity Optimization Base LicensePer Enterprise/Quarterly$191.10Note: 4.58% VHSS Fee will be added
K137ITSM Remedy Capacity Tool Capacity Optimizer for Servers PlusPer Server Endpoint/Quarterly$17.48Note: 4.58% VHSS Fee will be added
K138ITSM Remedy Intelligence Starter Pack (Up to 20,000 User Generated Events)Per Instance/Quarterly$25,604.81Note: 4.58% VHSS Fee will be added
K139App Visibility Manager (Up to 50)Per Instance/Quarterly$941.41Note: 4.58% VHSS Fee will be added

To request this VHSS service, please follow the below process:

  • The Customer contacts the VHSS Vendor and schedules a meeting to discuss requirements.

Vendor Name (and Product)Contract NumberContact NamePhoneAlternate PhoneEmail
Taborda Solutions (Remedy on Demand)17-11675 | 14-9641Bear Williams(916) 717-8711(916)
SPJ Solutions (Remedy on Demand)15-10187Paul Wong(916)

  • The Vendor provides a Business Proposal for new services or a price quote for additional/renewal services to the Customer.
  • The Customer submits a Case/Request to CDT requesting services with the Business Proposal or quote attached.
  • The Case/Request must contain the following information in the narrative:
    • The timeframe to utilize the service,
    • A list of general requirements, and
    • A budgetary quote or a business proposal.
  • IT Procurement Management (ITPM) reviews, processes, and approves the Case/Request.
  • Once all approvals are received, ITPM releases a work authorization.
  • The VHSS vendor will work with the Customer to schedule a walk-through the application and make necessary configuration changes, if any.
  • The Customer will notify ITPM once the services are completed so that the department can accept the vendor invoice and bill the customer.

To request Remedy on Demand, complete the VHSS Services Case/Request and choose Remedy on Demand under the VHSS Product drop down box.  Order Now