California Stabilization Service

The service was established in July 2021 to partner with agencies and departments to proactively improve the stability and scalability of the most critical systems and information technology services in California.


Improve the integrity of critical services for California constituents.


Assess systems with signs of potential disruption or failure due to new performance demands, functionality constraints, or data quality degradation.

Areas of Focus

The assessment team evaluates the system, the business processes that support the system, and the services provided by the system. During an assessment, the team may focus on any or all the following areas:

    • Business processes
    • Contracts
    • Data integrity
    • Development and operations
    • Disaster recovery
    • Infrastructure
    • Resources (staffing and funding)
    • Security
    • System performance
    • User experience (UX) and user interface (UI)

Stabilization Framework

Requesting Assistance

State of California agencies and departments are eligible for this service. Please email for more information.

If you would like an assessment, complete this quick intake.

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  • Research
  • Findings
  • Recommendations
remediation icon.


  • Roadmap and Tracking
  • Fundings / Resources
  • Healthier Critical Services
remediation icon.


  • Roadmap and Tracking
  • Fundings / Resources
  • Healthier Critical Services


The assessment team partners with the agency or department to learn the system’s role in providing critical services and to understand its stability and scalability. Each assessment results in a report with a series of findings and associated recommendations to improve the health of the system.


CDT partners with the system stakeholders and key staff to implement the recommendations provided in the report. This may include resources (funding, expertise, etc.) for the remediation efforts.


Assessment Phases

  1. Executive Sponsor Meeting and Key Stakeholders Kickoff Meeting
  2. In-depth interviews with key staff, data gathering, systems demos, etc.
  3. Assessment report with findings and recommendations
  4. Assessment Transition Meeting pivoting to Remediation Kickoff Meeting


Throughout the pandemic, the California state government ensured critical services were fully operational without unreasonable downtime, developed accurate predictive data modeling to save lives, and made it easier to get vaccinated and receive other services. 

Based on these successes, the California Stabilization Service was established to proactively identify issues for critical systems and assist agencies and departments before statewide service failures occur.