Strategic Plan and Conceptually Approved Projects

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Update to the Conceptually Approved IT Projects Proposals

State IT Project Proposals which have been approved in concept by the Department of Technology are listed on the Conceptually Approved IT Project Proposal Report. This report is produced on a quarterly basis with updates highlighted since the last quarter. The report captures IT project proposals that were submitted through the Project Approval Lifecycle as Stage 1 Business Analysis forms (S1BA). This report replaces the former Annual IT Capital Plan (ITCP).

These IT Project Proposals will be subject to additional evaluations concerning their business value, programmatic priority, resource requirements, feasibility and the availability of funding as they proceed through the Stages 2-4 of the Project Approval Lifecycle as well as the budget approval process. When a state entity’s Stage 2 Alternatives Analysis is approved the concept will be removed from the Conceptually Approved IT Project Proposal Report, 2017 Update to the Conceptually Approved IT Project Proposal Report (PDF).

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2016 Update to the California IT Strategic Plan

California state government is leveraging technology to serve Californians in a way that is convenient, efficient, and economical. The California Information Technology Strategic Plan provides a vision to guide the strategic objectives of California’s technology community leaders to enhance the reliability and efficiency of state programs and improve business operations and services to the greatest number of Californians. This plan encourages the state to focus on serving the needs of our 21st century constituents by delivering results, while responding to critical issues facing the state’s information technology community.

The 2016 update builds on the direction established in the 2015 plan and further specifies the six strategic goals of the state, as well as five guiding principles for state government Agencies and entities to consider when making decisions about technology. This update also introduces a look back at the previous year’s challenges and accomplishments within California’s information technology community. The purpose of this plan is to make certain government is focused on the ways in which we may serve 21st century constituents which have the greatest impact on Californians, and how we may achieve these in the most efficient way possible.

Strategic Goals:

  • Goal 1: Responsive, Accessible, and Mobile Government
  • Goal 2: Leadership and Collaboration
  • Goal 3: Efficient and Reliable Infrastructure and Services
  • Goal 4: Secured Information
  • Goal 5: Capable IT Workforce
  • Goal 6: Responsive and Effective IT Project Procurement

Guiding Principles for California’s Technology Community:

  • Be Accountable
  • Be Service Driven
  • Collaborate & Cooperate
  • Understand Enterprise Value
  • Demonstrate Strong Leadership

Read the 2016 Annual IT Performance Metrics Report: