Technology Letters

Technology Letters (TL) are issued by the California Department of Technology to convey official communications regarding state IT, announce new (or changes to existing) IT policies and procedures, or announce new (or changes to existing) state IT services or standards. If you have questions about any of these TLs, please call the contact person noted in the TL.

TL 17-04(pdf)Updated IT Project Oversight Framework4/13/2017Active
TL 17-03(pdf)Updates to Personal Information Breach Notification Requirements 3/20/17Active
TL 17-02(pdf)Mobile Phone & Mobile Computing Device Requests2/17/2017Active
TL 17-01(pdf)Updated Information Technology Cost Report1/24/2017Active
TL 16-09(pdf)Tribal Consultation Policy9/7/2016Active
TL 16-08(pdf)Project Approval Lifecycle, Stage 1 Business Analysis Delegation9/12/2016Active
TL 16-07(pdf)Project Approval Lifecycle, Stage 4 Project Readiness and Approval8/29/2016Active
TL 16-06(pdf)Updated IT Accessibility Resource Guide7/8/2016Active
TL 16-05(pdf)California Compliance and Security Incident Reporting System (CAL-CSIRS)5/23/2016Active
TL 16-04(pdf)California Project Management Framework5/13/2016Active
TL 16-03(pdf)Updates to Personal Information Breach Notification Requirements3/8/2016Active
TL 16-02(pdf)Project Approval Lifecycle, Stage 3 Solution Development1/29/2016Active
TL 16-01(pdf)Cloud Productivity Solutions1/14/2016Active
TL 15-05(pdf)  A11y*Web Accessibility11/30/2015Active
TL 15-04(pdf)Conceptually Approved Information Technology (IT) Project Proposals Report10/31/2015Active
TL 15-03(pdf)Plan of Action and Milestones Standard8/31/2015Active
TL 15-02(pdf)Revised Project Approval Lifecycle, Stage 1 Business Analysis and Stage 2 Alternatives Analysis6/30/2015Active
TL 15-01(pdf)COTS/SaaS Project Approval Delegation6/19/2015Active
TL 14-07(pdf)Project Approval Lifecycle, Stage 1 Business Analysis and Stage 2 Alternatives Analysis12/31/2014Superseded by TL 15-02
TL 14-06(pdf)Mobile Computing Device Request2/5/2015Superseded by TL 17-02
TL 14-05(pdf)Information Technology Capital Plan (ITCP) Instructions8/29/2014Active
TL 14-04(pdf)Cloud Computing Policy9/5/2014Active
TL 14-03(pdf)Register to Vote Graphic Image Requirement6/13/2014Active
TL 14-02(pdf)Update Feasibility Study Report (FSR) to Align with Stage 1 Business Analysis6/12/2014Superseded by TL 15-02
TL 14-01(pdf)Mobile Phone Usage1/16/2014Superseded by TL 17-02
TL 13-05(pdf)Information Technology Capital Plan (ITCP) Instructions10/16/2013Superseded by TL 14-05
TL 13-04(pdf)Update to Information Security Policy9/17/2013Active
TL 13-03(pdf)Transition of Information Technology Project Procurement Authority9/11/2013Active
TL 13-02(pdf)Project Approval Lifecycle, Stage 1 Business Analysis9/11/2013Superseded by TL 15-02
TL 13-01(pdf)Smartphone Usage5/20/2013Superseded by TL 14-01
TL 12-17(pdf)Update to Feasibility Study Report (FSR) Procurement Planning12/17/2012Active
TL 12-16(pdf)Incident Response Requirements12/6/2012Active
TL 12-15(pdf)Encrypting Mainframe and Server Tapes12/6/2012Active
TL 12-14(pdf)Updated Information Technology Cost Report11/8/2012Superseded by TL 17-01
TL 12-13(pdf)Information Technology Capital Plan Instructions and Templates for 2012-139/7/2012Superseded by TL 13-05
TL 12-12(pdf)Process to Purchase Tablet Devices8/9/2012Superseded by TL 14-06
TL 12-11(pdf)Improved Security Risk Assessment Tool8/8/2012Active
TL 12-10(pdf)Streamline Security Compliance Forms8/8/2012Active
TL 12-9(pdf)Updating SAM Definitions Pertaining to IT Projects: Feasibility Study Report (FSR) Improvement Quick Win7/16/2012Active
TL 12-8(pdf)Exemption Process When No Mandatory IT Leveraged Procurement Agreement Exists8/9/2012Active
TL 12-7(pdf)Suspend Enterprise Architecture Reporting6/5/2012Active
TL 12-6(pdf)Telecommunication Procurement Authority4/2/2012Active
TL 12-5(pdf)Supersede Computer Room Construction Approval Process with New Process3/27/2012Active
TL 12-4(pdf)Supersede Service Contracts with Information Technology (SCIT) Components Review with New Process3/27/2012Active
TL 12-3(pdf)Supersede Low Power Computing Directive3/27/2012Active
TL 12-2(pdf)Data Center Assignments and Consolidation3/8/2012Active
TL 12-1(pdf)Feasibility Study Report (FSR) Improvement Quick Wins1/24/2012Superseded by TL 15-02
TL 11-4(pdf)IT Delegated Cost Thresholds12/9/2011Active
TL 11-3(pdf)Rescission of IT Acquisition Plan Policies12/9/2011Active
TL 11-2(pdf)Postponement of 2012 IT Cost Reporting12/9/2011Superseded by TL 12-14
TL 11-1(pdf)Establishment of the Technology Letter Format and Process12/9/2011Active
ITPL 11-06(pdf)Information Technology Capital Plan Instructions and Templates for 2011-128/31/2011Superseded by TL 13-05
ITPL 11-05(pdf)Information Technology Acquisition Plan Process Revisions6/3/2011Rescinded 12/9/2011
ITPL 11-04(pdf)Changing References from Predecessor Organizations to the California Technology Agency3/15/2011Active
ITPL 11-03(pdf)Review of Formal Information Technology Solicitations3/15/2011Active
ITPL 11-02(pdf)Service Contracts With Information Technology Components2/17/2011Superseded by TL 12-5
ITPL 11-01(pdf)Department Director Certification of Information Technology Acquisition Plans2/3/2011Rescinded 12/9/2011
ITPL 10-19(pdf)Smartphone and Other Mobile Computing Device Security12/30/2010Active
ITPL 10-18(pdf)Information Technology Expenditure Reporting and Cost Optimization12/30/2010Superseded by TL 11-2
ITPL 10-17(pdf)Establishment of the Identify and Access Management (IdAM) Policy12/30/2010Active
ITPL 10-16(pdf)Server Virtualization12/17/2010Active
ITPL 10-15(pdf)Enterprise Architecture Standards and Procedures12/15/2010Active
ITPL 10-14(pdf)Data Center Assignments and Consolidation10/29/2010Active
ITPL 10-13(pdf)Security Reporting Scorecards10/4/2010Active
ITPL 10-12(pdf)Reducing Charges for 411 Directory Assistance9/21/2010Active
ITPL 10-11(pdf)Information Technology Capital Plan Instructions, Economic Analysis Worksheet Revisions, and Reporting Clarifications8/26/2010Superseded by TL 13-05
ITPL 10-10(pdf)Information Technology Accessibility7/26/2010Active
ITPL 10-09(pdf)Power Management and Shutdown7/21/2010Active
ITPL 10-08(pdf)Infrastructure Consolidation Program Progress Report Scorecards7/15/2010Active
ITPL 10-07(pdf)Project Status Reporting and Enterprise Architecture Reporting5/27/2010Active
ITPL 10-05(pdf)Information Technology Project Oversight Framework3/25/2010Active
ITPL 10-04(pdf)Low Power Office Computing3/25/2010Superseded by TL 12-3
ITPL 10-03(pdf)Telework and Remote Access3/2/2010Active
ITPL 10-02(pdf)Social Media2/26/2010Active
ITPL 10-01
ITPL 09-06(pdf)IT Acquisition7/2/2009Rescinded 12/9/2011
ITPL 09-05(pdf)AIO/CIO Reporting6/26/2009Active
ITPL 09-04(pdf)Computer Room Construction4/16/2009Superseded by TL 12-5
ITPL 09-03(pdf)Establishment of a Statewide Enterprise Architecture and the Associated Policy and Process4/15/2009Active
ITPL 09-02(pdf)Information Technology Capital Planning Process, Forms and Instructions4/10/2009Superseded by TL 13-05
ITPL 09-01(pdf)California Project Management Methodology and Other Associated Information4/9/2009Superseded by TL 16-04
(pdf)Power Management and Shutdown Frequently Asked Questions3/23/2011Active
(pdf)Open Source Software Policy1/7/2010Active
(pdf)Encrypting Mainframe and Server Tapes FAQs12/6/2012Active

* “A11y” is short for Accessibility, and indicates an accessible document is available.