What is the IT Leadership Academy?

The Information Technology Leadership Academy is a seven-month program for state IT professionals with a focus on developing leadership skills.

Participants in the academy are selected candidates from state agencies and departments that work in information technology programs. Individuals with a vision for enterprise-wide thinking, strong potential for career advancement, and experience carrying out their organization’s mission and vision are ideal candidates for acceptance into this program.

Participants will meet new, interesting, and dynamic peers who were recommended by their department’s CIO and selected into the program. Participants will have the opportunity to network and collaborate with experts from other state agencies who lead the academy.

ITLA participants expand their skills in leadership, executive presentations, business communications, political skills, and collaborative management.

As they hone their skills, students also learn about the legislative budget process, IT procurement processes, contracting, vendor management, and executive interviewing skills.

The academic delivery model includes traditional classroom sessions, group discussions, expert speakers, and real life scenarios in which participants address real world problems with realistic solutions.

Classes are taught by private instructors, IT executives, and prior graduates. Each class develops a class project unique to that academy.

Each academy class has several class sponsors and class managers that are typically prior graduates of ITLA. They ensure the participants have a positive experience and guide them in their class project.