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Office of Technology Services

The Office of Technology Services (OTech) oversees the State’s data center and delivers cost-effective, optimized, and highly available technical services to 188+ city, county, and State departments. Showcase will focus on a statewide shared service business model, where the vendor community and OTech may partner and deliver innovative, secure, and cost-effective services to multiple departments. Learn more about the services and service components offered by the Department.

Statewide IT oversight

Office of Digital Services (ODS)

The Office of Digital Services is an outcome-oriented, cross-functional team. We are a team of:

      •   Engineers
      •   Product managers
      •   Data scientists
      •   Geospatial experts
      •   Human-centered design experts
      •   Technical specialists

Our team is dedicated to designing and developing useful digital solutions to meet the needs of all Californians. This includes developing and managing:

      •   Internal and external websites
      •   Statewide applications
      •   Data and GIS efforts
      •   Development, Security, Operations (DevSecOps)
      •   User experience (UX) design and research
      •   Product and project management

Office of Information Security

ISO provides security operations as a service and oversight to departments across the State. Learn more on our information security page.

Office of Professional Development 

The Office of Professional Development (OPD) provides IT training both in-person and online through leadership academies, boot camps, and e-learning courses.  The OPD collects and tracks registration for compliance, training progress, completions, and certifications.  

Office of Statewide Project Delivery  

The Office of Statewide Project Delivery (OSPD) is responsible for the planning, approval, procurement, and oversight of state IT projects. OSPD provides advice, guidance, and direction to state entities in the planning and delivery of IT projects. 

Office of Technology Policy

The Statewide Policy Office establishes, implements, and manages statewide IT policies and standards. Learn more on our IT policy page.

Statewide Directives

Broadband and Middle-Mile

The Office of Broadband and Digital Literacy manages the efforts committed to closing the digital divide. The office:

      • Coordinates the state’s Broadband for All program and its initiatives. Broadband for All promotes broadband access, affordability, adoption, and digital literacy and equity
      • Monitors and oversees the completion of the state’s Broadband For All Action Plan
      • Oversees the Middle-Mile Broadband Initiative (MMBI)
      • Leads the development of the State’s Digital Equity Plan

Learn more about Broadband and Digital Literacy at Broadband for All.

Stabilization Service

The CA Stabilization Service works to improve the integrity of critical services for California constituents. We perform assessments of critical systems and make recommendations that will increase the stability of the services being provided. To complete some recommendations, assistance from the vendor community is required.

Technology Modernization Fund (TMF)

The CA Technology Modernization Fund was established to make immediate investments in IT that will yield quick and meaningful results for the people of California. Once approved to use the fund, modernization efforts will require vendor partnership to complete.

Internal CDT operations

The Office of Administration oversees CDT’s operations. Its areas of oversight includes:

      • Administration
      • Finance
      • Budget
      • Human resources
      • Desktop management
      • Internal service management
      • CDT projects
      • CDT security 

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