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July 20, 2023 DWSN Forum

Event questions and answers

Do you prefer to use the desktop app or in the browser for Figma?

DWSN Member: I personally prefer the desktop app, but there’s no significant difference between the desktop app and in-browser.

What departments currently use Figma or are in the process of switching?

DWSN Member: The Office of Data and Innovation uses Figma a bunch. We’re fans!

How does the state template differ from the forthcoming “design system”?

DWSN Coordinator/presenter: The last version of the state web template is meant to be a bridge to the Design System as well as a research opportunity to help inform the design system.

What contrast and color blind testing/simulators are used?

DWSN Coordinator/presenter: We use Colour Contrast Analyser

ADA compliance, how do you check your design? EI, which tools, what level of compliance? A, AA, AAA?

DWSN Coordinator/presenter: We check our design by using these automated tools and meet WCAG 2.1 AA compliance:

Automated Testing

  • Lighthouse
  • Siteimprove
  • Jaws Inspect
  • Colour Contrast Analyzer

Additionally we do Manual testing meeting our checklist requirements using these tools:

  • Jaws
  • NVDA
  • Voiceover

How does the state template differ from the forthcoming “design system”?

DWSN Member: The Design System is more about building a community, a shared language, nomenclature, aligned purpose, and better collaboration across the state. The Design System is going to replace and expand on the state web template as the very latest CA Design Standard including a new technology approach. Also, the DS will drop the bootstrap dependency. V6 of the state web template is going to be the bridge to the DS, providing continuity while the DS is being built and matured

Are these being tested on mobile devices?

DWSN Member: Yes, we do a quality assurance check on these devices.

Training on google analytics? can you help?

DWSN Coordinator/presenter: We do have some resources on our Help with analytics page: If you can’t find what you need, we are always available to help.

Any recommendations on the best way to backup the UA data, in a way that will make it easy to retrieve useful historical data if needed?

DWSN Coordinator/presenter: We used excel for the data and pdf for the user flows and graphics.

Event poll responses

How do you feel about the approach of decoupling the State Web Template from its’ website? 4.3/5

Excited with the new approach 50%

Interested in using it 27%

Undecided 19%

Not interested in using it 0%

Do not like the new direction 0%

Would you use a NuGet package for the State Template if it existed?




Are you interested in using the Starter Website?

Yes 74%

No 0%

Undecided 26%

Are you interested in using the new Page Patterns? (1-5) 4.3/5

[ ] 1 (not at all) 0%

2 3%

3 14%

4 22%

5 (very much) 56%

Select the top three, page patterns you would find most useful.

Homepage 25%

Landing page (+ variations) 24%

About us landing page 7%

Careers 6%

Contact us 10%

Newsroom 13%

List of articles 5%

Legal pages 4%

Sitemap 4%

404 page 2%