Technology Innovation

Changing the Way California Government Does IT

The California Department of Technology enables the State of California to leverage its current investments in data and information; creating new and innovative approaches to information sharing that will provide government, citizens and business the opportunity to make more relevant, data driven decisions. It will also foster the development of technology solution based solely on open source technologies cultivating new ways government can develop agile, efficient, and cost effective innovative technology offerings to the State of California.

Within the CDT, we actively:

  • Bring ideas to reality
  • Promote and implement processes that maximize operational efficiency
  • Consume effectively, do more
  • Implement a continuous improvement model

Outside of the CDT, we provide IT services and resources to empower other government entities to be innovative and agile.

Digital Services Innovation Academy

Digital Services Innovation Academy

is designed to introduce the tools and skills required to transform a business problem from concept to product using sound design and development principles found in modern digital service development.

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Digital Web Services Network

Digital Web Services Network

has been established to provide a forum where state partners, local government can share information for digital services including policy, technology, tools and best practices.

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Digital Web Services Network

Artificial Intelligence Community of Practice

The AICoP is a California Department of Technology (CDT) led platform for state entities to share AI knowledge and best practices.

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Innovation Lab

A developer sandbox for public sector employees to collaborate, build and test open source web-applications, demonstrate, and share their solutions in the California Department of Technology’s (CDT) CalCloud environment.

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Open Data

The Open Data portal is proof of California’s commitment to transparency. It is a repository and portal for departments and citizens to explore open data and its potential to improve collaboration, analysis and decision-making.

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Agile Framework

The California Department of Technology (CDT) is developing guidance and tools for state departments and agencies to leverage for their usage of agile practices.

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