Digital Identity Project

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California’s Digital ID project strives to provide every eligible person with easy, secure, privacy-preserving access to all of California’s digital government services.

What is a Digital ID

A digital identity (or ID) verifies your identity online in a way that can be reused across websites. You may be familiar with Digital ID if you’ve ever filed your taxes online with the IRS, applied for federal student aid, or checked your social security balance. These are all federal websites, and California is exploring how it can use this same technology at the state and local level.

Learn more about the Digital ID Framework

Engaging Industry Leaders

In 2022, CDT engaged with private sector companies active in digital identification, verification, and benefits delivery. The “market sounding” survey linked below explored best practices and confirmed the approach to deliver secure digital ID capability for California residents.

What we’re doing now

Currently, we’re in the pilot phase of California’s Digital ID project. We’re testing out platforms with partner agencies. Most recently, we piloted in partnership with CalTrans, Cal-ITP, and Monterey-Salinas Transit.

Understanding The Market