California Stabilization Service

Mission: Improve the integrity of critical services for California constituents (Government Code 11546.45). State departments and agencies use this service to improve the stability of their critical systems and services. These can be internal and public facing systems. We assess systems with signs of potential disruptions or failures to help improve:

    • Functionality and usability
    • Performance and resiliency
    • Processes
    • Security and technical stability and scalability
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Many state entities have legacy or unstable systems. We can help make your systems more stable, scalable, secure, and efficient. Here are some benefits of this service:

    • Receive confidential reports about your critical systems at no cost to you
    • Partner with us to fix issues and improve your systems
    • Obtain support with funding


To be a part of this service, you must:

    • Be a State of California department, agency, or entity
    • Have an identified critical system or service. This can be self-identified or identified through a process, such as a Technology Recovery Plan (TRP) or the California Emergency Support Functions (CA-ESFs)
    • Submit an intake


Since each request is unique, the activities are based on the system complexity.

  1. Request and intake
    State departments submit requests. We receive and review each request regularly. Quarterly, we prioritize these requests.
  2. Stabilization assessment: 4 – 8 weeks
    We partner with your state entity to learn the system’s role to understand its stability and scalability. Each assessment results in a report with a series of findings and associated recommendations to improve the health of the system.
  3. Remediation: Up to a year
    We partner with the system stakeholders and key staff to implement the recommendations provided in the report. This may include resources (funding, expertise, etc.) for the remediation efforts.

How to request this service

If you’re interested in this service, submit an intake form.

Contact us

E-mail for more information.