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January 18, 2024 DWSN Forum

Here are collected and shared QAs from the DWSN forum meeting chat. project ran in Agile?

DWSN Coordinator/presenter:
with agility yes, but not necessarily uppercase A, Agile Which CMS is this?

DWSN Coordinator/presenter:
This is static html site that is generated by eleventy node framework

[] Is that site (using eleventy) the site data is scraped from?

DWSN member:

  • it’s using JSON data that is stored in the azure storage.
  • We use both the downloadable xlsx data as well as the publicly available geojson data from for our site. Is that helpful?
  • User Question: Add rotating Spotlight section? If user doesn’t click on the dots, they do not see any of the spotlights.
  • Table of projects seems like what users would use most – should it be higher on the site?
  • What happens to the
  • table/map as projects are completed? In progress versus completed

Table accessibility question: all detail links appear to have same text--is there a way a screen reader user tabbing through links can determine which project the details link references?

DWSN Coordinator/presenter:
A screen reader will read the label fore each “All” language
example: the Topic dropdown will read “All topic selector”

Why can't make the design system like CSS Zen Garden instead?

DWSN Coordinator/presenter:

Easy answer is because you have to upgrade your whole site

Web Components, only add what you need.  Works with whatever version of whatever you have running.

How will the shadow DOM impact accessibility?

DWSN Coordinator/presenter:

Thank you! I think I mean more will there be accessibility testing with diverse users to ensure there are no unintended consequences. 

How do I give feedback back to the design system team?

DWSN Coordinator/presenter: