About the Department

The California Department of Technology leads the state’s drive to deliver clear, fast, dependable, and equitable public services. It provides for the delivery of digital government services through the oversight of statewide IT strategic planning, project delivery, procurement, policy and standards, and enterprise architecture. CDT is tasked with securing statewide information assets by providing oversight and infrastructure for many state departments and serves as the custodian of information for mission-critical and essential business applications. Home to the State Data Center, CDT provides infrastructure services for government customers that include on-premises and cloud-based services. CDT is leading statewide broadband planning and execution to deliver digital equity and reliability for all Californians. The Director of CDT is also the State Chief Information Officer (CIO), and advises the Governor on the strategic management and direction of the state’s IT resources and policies.


The California Department of Technology is committed to partnering with state, local government and educational entities to deliver digital services, develop innovative and responsive solutions for business needs, and provide quality assurance for state government Information Technology (IT) projects and services.

Role / Responsibilty and Authority

CDT is the guardian of public data, a leader in IT services and solutions, and has broad responsibility and authority over all aspects of technology in California state government, including: policy formation, inter-agency coordination, IT project oversight, information security, technology service delivery, and advocacy.