What is the purpose of Stage 2 Alternatives Analysis?

Stage 2 Alternatives Analysis is the second of four stages of the PAL and provides a basis for project management, program and business management, executive management, and state-level control agencies to understand and agree on how the proposal’s business objectives will be achieved. Market research is conducted in Stage 2 based on the stated objectives as the means to research viable IT solutions (alternatives) available in the open market. Market research provides a process for gathering data on product characteristics, suppliers’ capabilities and the business practices that surround them—plus the analysis of that data to define viable solution alternatives and make informed procurement decisions. Stage 2 Alternatives Analysis is used to evaluate alternative solutions to determine which alternative will best meet the business objectives, and propose an appropriate acquisition strategy/plan for procuring services if needed based on the alternative selected. The Stage 2 Alternatives Analysis instructions will help Agencies/state entities meet the Department of Technology Stage 2 Alternatives Analysis documentation requirements for project proposals.