Technology Modernization Fund (TMF)

During the initial COVID-19 outbreak, the state proved it can stabilize critical programs and deliver new services to the public with speed and agility.

Throughout the pandemic, California state government ensured critical services were fully operational without unreasonable downtime, developed accurate predictive data modeling to save lives, and made it easier to get vaccinated and receive other services. 

Based on these successes, the Technology Modernization Fund was established to make immediate investments in IT that will yield quick and meaningful results for the people of California.

About the TMF

CDT invites California state departments to submit business challenges that require an IT solution to modernize government and improve digital services for California residents and state employees.

The TMF grant will enable departments to deliver timely business modernization wins through a high-value proof of concept, fulfill an immediate need, and optimize services for digital government.

A strong commitment from the department’s business and IT leadership and proven team capability are required to be successful.

Awards from the TMF will involve a multi-stage process including proposal submission, readiness assessment by the CDT, and a presentation to pitch the proposal to a selection committee composed of state executives from other agencies and departments.

The CDT will conduct multiple rounds of investments from the TMF.  Round 1 opened for proposal submissions on Monday, October 25, and will close November 12, or as soon as a viable number of proposals have been submitted.

Round 1 proposals must be ready to launch as early as January 2022 with an ideal goal of implementation by the end of the Fiscal Year. Initial pitch presentations for Round 1 selected proposal teams will occur on December 10. 

If your proposal is not accepted for Round 1, or you need more time, you may be considered for a subsequent round.

How to Apply

State government entities may submit a request for access to the TMF Portal. For additional information or if you would like to apply complete the information below:

Where does your IT project fit?

For information about how TMF relates to Service Stabilization and PAL and FAQs, review TMF Where does your IT Project fit (PDF).