Application Period: Closed

Academy Dates: October 4 – December 20, 2018

What Is PMLA?

The Project Management Leadership Academy (PMLA) is an 11-week program for state IT professionals with a focus on developing project management leadership skills. The program targets project managers with limited experience and current project support personnel. Support personnel are defined as those who have worked in project support functions (e.g. test manager, business analyst, contract manager) and aspire to lead projects for the State of California.

PMLA Testimonials

How It Works

PMLA participants will develop their project management skills through formal classroom training provided by certified trainers and subject matter experts within the state. When not in class, students will participate in an internship with a receiving department and be paired with a mentor who will provide guidance, support, and coaching along the way. Program participants also learn from PMLA class sponsors, Program Coaches, and their fellow students throughout the program.

Mentor and Intern Partnership Component

The internship component reinforces classroom training by providing on-the-job practical project experience and assignments to sharpen skills in the following areas:

  • Relationship Management
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Team Dynamics
  • Leadership


Professional Development

You will interact with peers, class instructors, subject matter experts, and executives throughout the duration of the Academy. During the internship component you will directly partner with seasoned experts in the project management environment and benefit by actively participating in a designated project.

How To Apply

The PMLA application period is now closed. Please contact the Office of Professional Development for questions and further information at

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost for the PMLA?

The cost is $4200 per participant.

When does the PMLA start and end?

The PMLA runs from October 4th to December 20th.

What level of expertise and experience are you seeking from a candidate?

The PMLA welcomes applications from any candidates who have a strong interest in project management. The program develops project managers with limited experience and current project support personnel who aspire to lead projects for the State of California. While it is helpful to possess some background in project management, candidates need not be highly experienced to apply.

How many days per week are the training sessions for this academy?

While the training schedule varies depending on the week, students can generally expect to be out of the office 1-2 days per week on average, with one week requiring attendance all five days.

There are 14 days of formal instruction within the program.

What are the core hours for the training?

Training sessions are held from 8:30-4:30 p.m.

What specific topics are covered in the curriculum, and how in depth is the training?

The course topics have been carefully selected to provide a mindful blend of both technical and soft skills critical for the state’s project management workforce. Program courses are the following:

  • CA-PMF Foundations (5 days)
  • Communication Skills (1 day)
  • Contract and Vendor Management (1 day)
  • Agile (2 days)
  • Governance (1 day)
  • Top Project Challenges: The Dirty Dozen (1/2 day)
  • Procurement Best Practices & IT Project/Budget Management (1/2 day)
  • Business Chemistry (1 day)
  • Effective Change Management (1 day)
  • How to Engage Customers and Stakeholders (1 day)

Where will I be when I am not in training?

When not in class, students will report to their assigned departments to complete an internship. The internship is a critical component of the program and provides students with meaningful, hands-on experience that directly aligns with program curriculum. Receiving departments are carefully selected so students are exposed to large, reportable projects within the state. In addition, students will be paired with a mentor who will offer guidance, support, and coaching along the way.

How is my internship determined?

Interns are matched with their mentors based on their application submissions and via supplemental questions mentors complete. Program staff match students with their receiving department and mentor based on the student’s current and desired skill set as well as the skills/competencies mentors identify as being their strongest.

When will I find out where I am interning?

Student/Mentor pairings are expected to be finalized in early September, with notifications to both parties to follow shortly thereafter. For some departments, such as Franchise Tax Board and Department of Corrections, additional screening may be required, such as TB testing and background checks. In these particular cases, students will be notified as soon as possible to allow ample time for completion.

Where will the training be held?

All training sessions will be held at the California Department of Technology’s Training and Education Center in Rancho Cordova, located at 10860 Gold Center Drive. Parking is free.

Do I have to attend all the training sessions to remain in the academy?

The PMLA covers a great deal of curriculum in its 11-week period from October 4th – December 20th. In addition, it is important that students understand their receiving departments are also expecting full attendance in order to provide a valuable internship experience. Therefore, a significant time commitment is expected and required for this academy upon enrollment. We understand that some absences are unavoidable (e.g. illness) so the maximum allowable absences is three. Students who exceed this limit will be withdrawn from the program.