Procedures/Standards Updates

Procedures/Standards Updates are issued by the California Department of Technology to convey information/guidelines regarding state IT policies. If you have questions about any of these Procedures/Standards Updates, please call the contact person noted in the Procedures/Standards Update.

PS-015ADA SIMM Updates (PDF)7/16/21Active
PS-014California Cybersecurity Maturity Metrics (PDF)5/26/21Active
PS-013Update on Release of Personal Information for Research (PDF)5/13/21Active
PS-012Security Event Notification and Response Protocol(PDF)3/29/21Active
PS-011Vulnerability Management Standard(PDF)1/29/21Active
PS-010Phishing Exercise Standard (PDF)10/20/20Active
PG-009Cloud Security Standard (PDF)8/19/20Active
PG-008Requirements to Respond to Incidents Involving a Breach of Personal Information (PDF)2/26/20Active
PG-007Project Approval Lifecycle, Stage 1 Business Analysis Submission Requirements for Agency-Affiliated State Entities (PDF)2/14/20Active
PG-006Minimum Security Levels (PDF)12/13/19Active
PG-005Privacy Threshold Assessment and Privacy Impact Assessment (PDF)11/12/19Active
PG-004Endpoint Protection Standard (HTML (PG-004)) (PDF (PG-004))1/22/19Active
PG-003Email Threat Protection Standard (HTML (PG-003)) (PDF (PG-003))10/29/18Active
PG-002Updated Information Technology Cost Report (HTML (PG-002)) (PDF (PG-002))2/5/18Active
PG-001Updated Information Security Reporting Documents (PDF)1/12/18Active