Statewide Information Management Manual (SIMM)

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Required Use

The Statewide Information Management Manual (SIMM) Sections 05 through 80 and Sections 5300 et seq. contain standards, instructions, forms and templates that State agencies must use to comply with Information Technology (IT) policy. If there are questions about any of this material, please contact your assigned Office of Statewide Project Delivery, Project Approval and Oversight Manager who is assigned to your Agency/state entity.

Schedules and Reporting Requirements

05 Reporting Schedules

10 IT Project Reporting Process Flow

Procedures, Instructions, Standards, Forms, Transmittals, and Certifications

17 California Project Management Framework (CA-PMF)

19 Project Approval Lifecycle

22 COTS/SaaS Acquisition

25 IT Accessibility Resource Guide

40 Internet Domain Name Taxonomy

45 Information Technology Project Oversight Framework

50 Post Implementation Evaluation Report (PIER)

55 Information Technology Cost Report

60 Agency Information Management Strategy (AIMS)

66 Social Media Standards

71 Certification of Compliance with IT Policies

80 California Software Management Policy Annual Statement of Compliance

5300 Information Security

Statewide Information Management Manual (SIMM) Forms

Office of Information Security (OIS) Documents

Guidelines (Optional Use)

SIMM Sections 110 through 180 contain guidelines, models, forms and templates that State agencies will find useful in the management of their IT programs. Use of any of these guidelines is not mandatory, but agencies are encouraged to make use of them if they need help or guidance in a particular area. If there are questions about any of this material, please contact the California Department of Technology IT Project Oversight Division (ITPOD) manager who is assigned to your Agency/state entity.

110 AIMS Documentation Guidelines

120 Software Management Plan Guidelines

130 Workgroup Collaboration Platform Guidelines

140 Cloud Security Guide

141 California Cloud Services Assessment Guide

158 Enterprise Architecture Practices

160 Maintenance & Operations Plan Guidelines

180 Statement of Work (SOW) Guidelines