Project Management Consulting

Utilizing standardized project management practices, the Project Management Branch (PMB) orchestrates the CDT delivery of sustainable technology infrastructure to our customers. We are committed to understanding our customers’ business objectives and strive to enhance our strategic partnerships.

A key strategy in providing service excellence and achieving customer satisfaction is the delivery of quality services and projects on time and within budget and scope. PMB provides a common framework of project management processes, automated tools, and trained resources to effectively manage the data center’s IT projects. CDT’s project managers oversee the building of customers’ hosting environments.

This offering is classified as a Current Service.


  • Create Infrastructure Project Charters
  • Assemble a CDT project team
  • Establish an appropriate level of oversight


  • Create Work Breakdown Structures
  • Develop Project Schedules


  • Provide Risk and Issue Management
  • Provide Communication Management
  • Manage project changes

Consulting services will be billed to the specific service code providing the consulting. Subscriptions to this service are available.

Service DescriptionService IdentifierProduct NameUnit of MeasurementRateService CodeNotes
CAPMO ConsultingCA PMOPer Hour$208.00 H305
Project Manager (IT) Quarter EngagementCA PMOPer Project Manager/Per Month$5,876.00 H306
Project Manager (IT) Half EngagementCA PMOPer Project Manager/Per Month$11,752.00 H307
Project Manager (IT) Three-Quarter EngagementCA PMOPer Project Manager/Per Month$17,628.00 H308
Project Manager (IT) Full EngagementCA PMOPer Project Manager/Per Month$23,504.00 H309

  1. The customer submits the Professional Services Case/Request to CDT.
  2. CDT will review the Case/Request and schedule an intake meeting with the customer and process the Case/Request.

Submit any questions directly to the Project Management group.